Some BS calls in this Miami-T-Wolves game

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Some BS calls in this Miami-T-Wolves game

Three BS calls in a row that swung the momentum in the Heat's favor, it all started because it was getting chippy between Ray Allen and JJ Barea, Barea flopped a bit, didn't get a call, got back on Allen while he was driving, gave him what I call a nudge, and then Allen fell to the floor pretty hard which prompted a little scuffle, Allen and Barea went at it for quite a while, and then the game went ot commercial break, when we came back we saw that they had given Barea a flagrant 2, now I personally barely thought it was a normal, foul, let alone a flagrant 1, but a flagrant 2? That's crazy!!! Complete BS. Adelman was so furious he got Ted up, so Allen got three free throws, now a nine point game. Then the ensuing possession, Shevd get s along rebound, makes a three with the foul, but they call it a kick out. That was a ridiculous call!!!! Wade ran into his leg which was not extended more than the average shooters'. That cold've been a 4 point play. And then they call a charge on Dante Cunningham on another one of Battier's BS charges(not a flop, but not a charge) There are about 4-5 more petty calls that went both ways in the next 2-3 minutes that were questionable, they weren't letting them play at all, now it's an 18 point game, should be within 9.

But my god are the Heat good, they really can "Flip the switch" anytime they want.

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I'm prepared for negs

It's pretty obvious the NBA (read: Stern) treats the Heat and Lakers better than other teams...

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Serge Ibaka can punch Blake

Serge Ibaka can punch Blake Griffin in the balls and not get ejected, but JJ Barea gives Jesus Shuttlesworth a little shoulder and he acts like he ran into Ray Lewis at full speed and JJ gets ejected. Such a horrible, horrible call.

The best part though was readding JJ's mouth as he walked to the locker room constantly calling Ray Allen a f'ing &$#%#[email protected]!.

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All I can say is "AMEN!!" I

All I can say is "AMEN!!" I was just ranting about this on twitter..

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who cares!!!!! its impossible for Miami to not make the playoffs. Its just 1 game. Relax buddy!

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NBA got the worst refs out of

NBA got the worst refs out of the major sports.

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Hard to relax when this kind

Hard to relax when this kind of thing happens on a frequent basis to a team that was supposed to contend for a top 6 spot in the West.

Its definitly not just 1 game. This kind of inconsistency happens every game. Jarret Jack punched a guy in the guts and got a flagarent 1. Theres no way in hell Barea's foul was a flagrent 2. Its utter bogus and it happens to a team in a small market that isnt in contention. This kind of thing doesnt happen to New York, Boston, Miami, LA or OKC.

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Listen I definitely agree

Listen I definitely agree there is a big market bias in the NBA that needs to be addressed. But one thing I do love - it is just me or is the NBA starting to get a little less soft? Guy are pushing each other around and its a lot less of bro love fest.

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Going a little off topic

Going a little off topic here:
I remember a couple of years ago when Real Madrid was the champion in Spain. The team was down in the score 10 times, they turned it around or tied 9 times with 8 penalty kicks called in favor of Madrid in the last minutes and several sent off players for the opponents. So much coincidence!

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Melo hits Spencer Hawes in

Melo hits Spencer Hawes in the back of the head, no suspension. Ibaka hits Griffin in the groin, flagrant 1. 170 pound JJ Barea pushes his chest into Ray Allen and gets a flagrant 2. Haha. It's not fair but it is how the league is. If Kobe would have done the same thing to Allen, it would have been a foul and Allen would not have ran at Kobe. Lol.

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This seems to be common

It has been time after time for the Wolves when they play a big name team. They stay close, but either the other team turns if on, or the refs take all the wind out of what little sails the Wolves had and somehow the game turns into....well crap. The Wolves are not a great team, and those teams like the Heat have the ability to turn it on whenever they want, but this is rediculous.

The constant babying of stars, the bogus calls on average players, and the obvioius no calls on stars. Over the past few season we've seen Wade trip other players on purpose more then once, throw players shoes into the stands, do a layup and kick a player like he is Bruce Lee and nothing has been done. I understand earn you dues, but come one.

I regretfully have to say I am losing some faith in the euality of competition in the NBA. Between the "invisible hand" that seems to be guiding certain teams, and the questionable behind closed doors Lottery system, I getting fed up with the "Drama".

Sorry for the rant, and the conspiracy theories.

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