Some adjustments I would make if I was Steve Kerr

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Some adjustments I would make if I was Steve Kerr

After watching game 3, I have come up with some ideas that I would do if I were Steve Kerr.

1) Start Andre Iguodala over Harrison Barnes

- Lebron James has obviously been dominating the entire series. Nonetheless, I feel like Iguodala has done a better job in slowing down Lebron. Iguodala is stronger than Barnes, and will make it tougher for Lebron to muscle his way into the paint for easy layups, just like he did against Barnes in the first quarter. Barnes is definitely a good defensive player, but he hasn't shown the ability to slow down Lebron this series, so why not let Iguodala have a try on the best player in the planet right now?

On the offensive end, Iguodala is also much more effective than Barnes. Right now the warriors are relying on too many jump shots, especially Curry and Thompson. The Cavs knows this, and therefore has been playing very aggressively on the three point line, making it clear that they would rather allow Warriors to beat them from the inside. With Iguodala on the court alongside Curry and Thompson, the Warriors will be more of an offensive threat. Iguodala has shown the ability to slash to the basket and attack the rim, something that the Warriors have been lacking. Having Iguodala on the court will also alleviate the pressure placed on Curry and Thompson on the offensive end. Just look at the box score from Game 2. Curry and Thompson took 51 out of the 83 shots the whole team had. That's 61% shots of the whole team placed on two players! Right now Barnes and Bogut has been a nonfactor on the offensive end; they really need another player to go to, and I don't think Draymond Green is good enough to create his own shot. Barnes is more of a spot up shooter, and hasn’t shown the ability to consistently make a shot yet. I say start Iguodala.

2) Play Ezeli and David Lee over Bogut

This is not that I believe Ezeli and Lee are better basketball players than Bogut, this is just that I think Ezeli and Lee will be more effective against the Cavs. It is unquestionable that Tristan Thompson has been dominating the boards. The lack of lateral quickness of Bogut has greatly hurt the Warriors, enabling Thompson to grab many offensive boards and create second chances for the Cavs. Ezeli proved today that he has that similar competitive spirit with Thompson, and placing him on the court against Thompson will give the Warriors a better chance to win that important rebounding category. As for David Lee, he proved today that he deserves to play. He has the tools on the offensive end, scoring 11 points in 13 mins. I say give him a chance to play and surprise the Cavs by giving them a new trouble to worry about.

I really believe that this series is for the Warriors to lose. With all the credit Steve Kerr has been receiving, I haven't really been convinced that he is a great coach yet. Hopefully he can prove me wrong and make certain adjustments that will rejuvenate this Warriors squad.

With that said, as a Lakers fan, I have been really impressed with Lebron in this series, and what he has done for his team has been unbelievable. Nevertheless, I hope the Warriors can quickly find a way to counter him and make my life as a Lakers fan easier haha. Cheers for a great series and here’s to more enjoyable games to come!

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