So Many Questions...

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So Many Questions...

I started this yesterday with a thread on the Bulls & I think I might continue this if I continue to see these dumb decisions being made towards the end of important games.

Why did Spo set up a play for Lebron knowing that he's unsuccessful in these moments? Why didn't Lebron take that wide open three pointer after he's been shooting well all game? Why didn't D-Wade touch the ball in that 2nd to last possession? Why did Lebron drive on Iguodala know that Iguodala has the ability to slow him down? Why dribble into a crowd a Sixers? it was like 1 on 5 that last play. You ain't God.... So Many Questions...smh

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All in all

Lebron has proved he's pretty much one of the best openers, but closing is another story. I wouldn't say he isn't clutch, he made a crucial shot in the last 2 minutes. But as a closer, Rose is clearly better.

As for that play, I've seen spo do this numerous times, and its costed him numerous times. I just think that Miami is the type of team a that if in these situations, they melt down. Its one of their many weaknesses. Either way, nice shots by Lou and Jrue.

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i would have given u a point

i would have given u a point but u had to irrelevantly include derrick rose in there....people need to stop talking about the 2 as if its a competition to see who's the better closer, or driver, or finisher, or whatever...

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having the ball in lebron's

having the ball in lebron's hand in the closing minutes isnt a bad idea...its just that some of the results havent been great.........i like him having the ball becuz

1.he's great at going to the basket and getting fouled..

2.he's a great passer

3.he has the best court vision out of anyone in the league...

he sometimes spends too much time over dribbling ...and that gives the defense time to set up....

but teams still fear seeing him with the ball in his hand in the final minutes.....becuz the ressults are unpredictable

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