So as it turned out....

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So as it turned out....

It was probably a good think Derrick Rose didn't come back. Anything short of a spectacular effort from him would have resulted in the Bulls losing in this series. They were too injury decimated, lacked depth, and had a punchers chance against Miami. Rushing Rose back would have pleased the fans, and the teammates. But it didn't make a ton of sense. This Bulls team was running on E all season. They were gutting out wins, but they easily could have lost to Brooklyn, and really stood no real chance vs Miami. There defense and streaky play from Nate Robinson lead to some highs, but they had their fair share of lows as well. I think going into next year they will have a great chance to once again compete for the best record in the East, and maybe if they make some minor moves they could actually challenge the Heat.

As I said in another post, amnestying Boozer may still be smart. Look at tonight. GREAT first half right? Then he disappears, gives you nothing in the 4th, and blows numerous rotations and numerous rebounds. He isn't worth his money, and the Bulls desperately need some flexibility. They need to find some bench scoring, and maybe a stretch big who can knock down 3s. Rose/Butler/Deng/Boozer/Noah/Gibson is fine, but if there is nothing but veteran minimum guys behind that, then they are just a better version of Indiana, and have no shot at Miami. They also could look to make a huge trade, but either way, they need to do something.

I just can't wait to see Rose play again. I missed seeing him do things no one else can do. Some people think he is overrated because he takes a lot of shots and isn't super efficient, but I think some people don't account for the amount of shots and plays he makes that no one else in the league can. If the Bulls play with the heart and effort they did this year, and make some moves, it'll be a big year for them next year.

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I disagree I think win or

I disagree I think win or lose Rose should have been playing. Teams come together stronger sometimes when they battle and lose together. I believe his decision not to come back hurt the team chemistry. I know people love Rose and thats fine but he made a selfish decision and I believe there will be consquences to that. He gave up on his team I won't be surprised if they give up on him when it counts most.

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I don't think anyones

I don't think anyones questioning this Bulls team's chemistry. They have heart, and gutted it out every game like champs. You can tell they are hungry to win, and they know Rose gives them the best chance

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I think the injury did more

I think the injury did more damage maybe some nerve damage so it might be one of the more severe

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A point I haven't read about

A point I haven't read about that could have entered into Rose not coming back this yr is money, insurance, I'm not sure but it could be that if a player doesn't play all yr the team can recoop a large percentage of his salary and in Roses case that is quite a sum. Not sure about this point but I have heard about the insurance thing before with other players.

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