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So i have a dream idea for my Sixers also tell me what you think

Yea yea yea i know i'll get negged because this site loves to negg people lol. I recently read a post about a philly dream scenario which i loved by the way.I hope my sixers can do what the rockets did by piling up assests and using them to get a star player in james harden. Well this is my dream scenario:

Trading mcw and the 3rd overall pick with the 32nd to clevland for kyrie irving and sergey karasev(Dream scenario guys)

Clevland would be getting the rookie of the year and a chance to add wiggins or parker (if they choose to draft embiid first)and would have a chance to reconstruct their roster(if dan gilbert was to ok a rebuild and add another top 5 pick for a disgruntled kyrie irving who might not accept the max contract(as reported from multiple sources) i know even the cavs would consider this but let me remind you this is a dream scenario.

Philly would be getting the super star that brett brown stated you would need to help you win a championship and to me a player that brett brown can mold into a 20 10 guy if he accepts to resign long term its a win win to me(Dream scenario agin you guys)

Second trade of the draft would be trading thad young and the 10 overall pick to the detriot pistons for greg monroe in a sign and trade deal instead of matching a super expensive contract (i know alot of people say that the sixers are not gonna go heavy in the free agency but this is a dream scenario).

Third trade of the draft would be trading the 39th and 47th pick to the Houston rockets for the 25th pick and the sixers select Glen Robinson.This helps them get out of drafting a player on a guranteed contract in order to pursue Carmelo Anthony.

With the 52nd pick we select Andre Dawson and with the 54th pick we select Isaiah Austin

Sixers Potenial Lineup would be:

Kyrie irving

Sergey Karasev

Glen Robinson

Greg Monroe

Nerlens Noel

Again i urge you this is my Dream scenario that i would love to see

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Sweet, the Cleveland Pistons.

Sweet, the Cleveland Pistons. That'd be a good team. Maybe they could trade Nerlens for Josh Smith.

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this is a mediocre team who

this is a mediocre team who will be in playoff contention for the 8th seed forever.
why not let them draft a few players what if the 3rd pick and noel become stars? then lets say the next to years the go to the draft and draft 2-3 more stars and since they have these guys on and coming off rookie deals they can sign a key piece from free agency or get a player thru trading a future pick or for cap relief.

all in all we could out right sign kyrie irving down the line if we think mcw is not it so why give you and try to move two fast.
I critized the sixers much on that holiday deal and expected a lot out of turner and was let down by the Bynum deal looking back a month after jru was traded I was glad we finally get to rebuild SLOWLY the pelicans tried to rebuild fast and look what happen huge contracts still not a proven contender.

we need to build thru draft rather then try to make the playoffs next season and it backfire.
that time is approaching that time a once in a generation type of talent comes to the nba every 5 to 10 years it happens why miss out on that player and chance to put together a bigger better (okc) because okc didn't know what is was doing new front office new city new team. we now have the blue print and experience to build something great my sixers dream scenario is for EVERYBODY to have patience. im from Philadelphia. Frankford but I now I live further in the northeast.

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Would your

Would your dream scenario be that much better than the cavs are right now? That's more of a bad dream.

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I'd have to respectively

I'd have to respectively disagree with this..and I am the one who started the initial thread about the dream scenario so I completely understand the fact that not all this has to be realistic..I am just not sure I agree with the rationale and benefits behind it.

For starters I agree with you about Kyrie being a star and possibly not accepting a max contract in either location. But all that aside..why would you as a sixers fan want to give up 2-3 potential stars for 1? My thinking is MCW the rookie of the year..definitely a potential star...Andrew Wiggins/J. Parker..definitely a potential star..then our 32nd pick who say is PJ Hairston or Stokes or J Adams..could all be significant role players possibly 6th man of the year candidates down the road right? All that for Kyrie and some guy who averaged 1.7ppg? Just seems like we are almost getting screwed there but again its your dream.

I do like your Monrow idea...if we can do that (10th and thad) for him..sign me up..and then the 39 and 47th picks for 25th...i think philly would do that in a just not sold that Houston would..I think we'd have a better chance maybe doing it with OKC at 29..little later of a 1st rd pick plus OKC also has 21st pick so they prob dont want to pay for 2 first rounders...I am just not sure we agree on GRIII but thats for a different discussion.

Taking your ideas though why not keep MCW, draft Jabari/Wiggins...then do your Monroe trade and with all our 2nd rders try to trade up for Warren or GRIII and you got a lineup of






and maybe grab hairston and joe harris in 2nd rd to have some shooters off the bench along with wroten

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I think Cleveland definately

I think Cleveland definately helps you make your dream come true.

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I can't say

I don't like the Kyrie, Monroe, Noel core, but to give up MCW and pick 3 for Kyrie is way too much.

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How do you figure? MCW is

How do you figure? MCW is not only older than Kyrie Irving, but shot 40% from the field and only 25% from 3. If I was the Cavs I definatly wouldnt give up a two time all star at age 22 for MCW and the #3 pick.

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Dream? More like a nightmare.

Am I the only one who thinks Kyrie is overrated?

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I think he may

be overrated a little, and He's definitely not worth MCW and pick 3 in this draft.

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The Cavs would think that is

The Cavs would think that is a great trade to make, so maybe the 76ers are giving away a bit too much. MCW is bigger than Irving and while Irving can score a lot more maybe MCW can do a few other things that Irving can't. The top 3 pick could also produce a player better than Irving.

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