So, Andrew Bynum wants to make a comeback

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So, Andrew Bynum wants to make a comeback

Yes, you read that right. The laziest player this side of Jerome James wants to make a return. No one ever denied his talent, but questions will always exist about his attitude and, um, competetive spirit. So, you guys buying a team taking a flyer on him, especially as the league moves away from traditional post-up bigs?

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No harm in having a look in

No harm in having a look in training camp. Servicable bigs are a useful commodity. On a lighter note - he'd be a fit in a disfunctional Lakers locker room.

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He looks in reasonable condition, but can he adapt to the new age.

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Has a lot to prove

He should try to land a job on the G-League first and try to ball there and hopefully some team will sign him mid-season. He's talented, but the extra baggage around him outweighs it.

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He hasn’t really played in

He hasn’t really played in over 6 years (besides a handful of games in the 2014 season). Even if he has matured mentally, it’s hard to believe that his body could withstand the rigors of a full nba season. He was never someone who really loved the game to begin with and admitted that he basically just played for the money. My guess is that is probably the primary motivation to attempt a comeback after all this time.

I think he’s going to have to prove himself at a lower level first (whether it be the d-league or overseas) before any nba team will seriously consider him.

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Andrew Bynum Phila Process Catalyst!

How many people remember that Andrew Bynum is the catalyst for Sam Hinkie's hiring in Phila & the emergence of the Process that 5 years later looks set up to be a juggernaut in the coming years

In 2012, Phila came within one game 7 - 2nd round loss in Boston to meeting Lebron's Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Phila Boss & Coach Doug Collins believed Phila was close, they just needed an All Star level Big so they jumped in on the 4 team trade that brought Dwight Howard to LA to team up w/ Kobe & Phila landed 25 y/o All Star but injury prone center Andrew Bynum

Immediately, NBA experts branded the Sixers the fav in the Atlantic Division & the biggest Eastern Conference threat to Lebron's NBA World Champion Miami Heat but the question was Always would Bynum be Healthy???

Of course he was not & Bynum Never played a game for Phila in the 2012/13' season. The Media scrutiny & the Fan base pressure about the Constant rumors that Bynum was ready to play literally drove Doug Collins to the verge of a nervous breakdown & when the Sixer's disappointing 37 win non playoff season ended a completely mentally & physically broken Doug Collins quit & left town just 6 weeks before the Draft.

B/c of the Haul Phila gave up in the Bynum trade & subsequent trades b/c Bynum could not get healthy (2 NBA Starters & 3 - 1st Round Draft picks: 2012, 2015 & 2017) experts believed the Sixers franchise was Destroyed & they'd turn into the Sacramento Kings of the East & lose for a Decade at least.

Phila then hired Sam Hinkie, he installed the Hugely controversial "Process" & like him or hate him in just 3 years Hinkie made a series of Great Trades & Draft moves that led to Dario Saric, Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Robert Covington, Markelle Fultz & if the Kings land the 2019 #1 pick that goes to Phila too courtesy of Sam Hinkie

Phila's rebuild evokes a lot of emotion either way but they are regarded by 100% of the NBA as the strongest young roster in the NBA & are poised in 2 or 3 years to grow into a Monster that will compete w/ The Celtics, Lakers, Warriors & anyone else for Titles. It's a Saga that now lives in NBA lore & is part of NBA history & it All started w/ Andrew Bynum's bum Feet!

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It's crazy looking back now

It's crazy looking back now that Orlando actually won that trade by default - as Vucecic was the only piece that stuck around his new team longer than a year. Iguodala left Denver, Bynum left Philly, and Dwight left LA after that season.

I remember being intrigued by that Philly team (assuming Bynum was healthy) This was the year Jrue became an all-star.

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I thought this guy was washed out already...

Doesn't this guy have bum knees? Also I guess he must have blown all his money-Hence the trying to make the league again lol..

As for teams that could take a chance on him that is really subjective to what price do you want to pay him and what role do you have for him? 10 mins a game if his knees have somehow found a cure why not but you would have keep his ego/dumb ish in check.

Teams that could take a flier: Lakers,Houston,Washington,Dallas,Portland,Hornets and maybe someone like an OKC-if they believe they could keep him in check as their bench PF or starter in name PF for like 10 mins game...Hope OKC doesn't but stranger things have happened...

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I'll never forget the forearm

I'll never forget the forearm shiver he gave to JJ Barrea coming down the lane in the 2011 playoffs. The biggest bush league play I have ever seen. Then he takes his shirt off. What a piece of shit. That play alone should guarantee he never plays another minute in the NBA in my humble opinion.

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Not to hate on the big fella,

Not to hate on the big fella, but I think he'd struggle to defend in this new era. I know he's long as hell, but he's just had too many lower body injuries to defend high ball screens, switch, etc.

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Too late

Bynum is what, 31 now? He hasn't played in a few years, was never really into the game, and has an extensive injury history on top of that. For a big man in this era, these are all career enders. I doubt he would be able to defend at an NBA level at this point and being a rim protector would probably be the only value he would have to any teams out there. He may want to give China a shot if he really needs the money.

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I could see someone taking a

I could see someone taking a flyer with him at the veteran minimum if he impresses in workouts. I doubt he ever sees more than the veteran minimum due largely to his injury history.

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Emeka Okafor got back in the

Emeka Okafor got back in the NBA after a similar length absence last season and is 5 years older than Bynum. But Emeka was a high character NCAA Champion with UCONN so would be seen as a low risk good character guy to have in the locker room.

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