Sixers effing up the plan, beat down Cavs in Philly

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Sixers effing up the plan, beat down Cavs in Philly

Quick Notes on the Game.

1. Thad Young out scored the trio of Bynum, Thompson and Varejoe, also Anthony Bennett hurt his shoulder and left the game...I hate to say it but I smell a bust in Bennett

2. Evan Turner is turning the corner...He had 22 pts , 10 rebs. and 5 assist, he's averaging 22 on the season and is looking like the leader of this young and exiting team...Putting some of that bust talk to bed IMO...

3. Michael Carter Williams and Tony Wroten are very good defenders and TW is really starting to make an impact on the game, he had 20 points tonight and out played Dion Waiters on both ends, Coach Brown is getting through to the youngster...

All in all I'm not mad the team is playing hard and sits at 4-2 after the first week of the season, but I can't help but feel like they could do better be being worst at the end of the season...We own 2 picks in the draft and 15 million+ in Cap Space so I guess I'll be happy with what ever happens...

P.S, anyone think we can pry away Lamarcus Aldridge or Greg Monroe if we offer up one of our picks???

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Bennett didn't take a shot in

Bennett didn't take a shot in 6 minutes (all in first half) and had 0 points. We'll see if his minutes continue to decline.

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The fact that he fell on his

The fact that he fell on his shoulder and had to get x-rays has nothing to do with his low minutes

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Tony Wroten is an absolute

Tony Wroten is an absolute beast. If he would have come back to UDub for his sophomore year and shored up his decision making skills, he would have been a top 10 pick.

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Yeah Wroten is a beast.. Cat

Yeah Wroten is a beast.. Cat Mobley or JR Smith type

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Mike Brown has made it longer

Mike Brown has made it longer than last season, but how much longer do you think he'll last?

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Is it bad

as a Jazz fan I must say I am pleased with your success. L

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Glad Turner is finally

Glad Turner is finally panning out. Always thought he was the most NBA ready of that draft class surprised it took him so long to figure it out.

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I couldn't believe the Grizzlies gave up Wroten so easily in that trade... in my opinion they should of let Tony Allen walk and kept Wroten. Wroten has great potential defensively and is already a much better offensive player than Allen, along with being on a cheap rookie contract.

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