Simple Question.... Who's Better?

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Simple Question.... Who's Better?

The Dog days are almost over and preseason is just around the bend. With all the new rookies, trades and signings that have joined their new team all we can do now is wait.

In that time is where debates fly left and right. The most common NBA debate usually ask to see whose better between two players of a similar skill level.

Here are some of the pairings me and my friends go at with each other:

Victor O vs Bradley B

Jonas V vs Enes C

Wall vs Lillard

Klay vs Jimmy

These are just some of the matchups where we always bump heads.


Steph Curry vs Ray Allen (This is strictly focusing on who is the better shooter)

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Ok. Here it goes

Oladipo is better all round, Beal is better shooter though.

Valanciunas is better. He actually plays D, and has a decent offensive game.

Wall. Again, Wall does everything well except shooting, Lillard does one thing well, high volume scoring.

Butler, by a hair. He is more of a playmaker. Slightly better defender. Klay better shooter.

Curry > Allen as a shooter by a hair.

For historical context, IMO:

Bird, Nash, Dirk, Curry, Allen

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