Silvio De Sousa Stock

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Silvio De Sousa Stock

With Udoka Azubuike out for March Madness, could Silvio De Sousa step up and sneak his way into the late first round/early second round?

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Don't think so

Sure he has great size and athleticism, but he is not even a solid college player yet. He gets lost on defensive rotations, has poor hands (due to the speed of play and passing at the D1 level), hasn't shown low post offense other than a drop step, and he bites on EVERY pump fake an opposing big gives him.

All of these things can be fixed and improved with another year or two at KU, but as for this year's draft; He's not ready by a long shot.

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Sousa is young, but he plays like Cliff Alexander with worse shot-blocking. If he reduces his turnovers and starts playing defense he could be a late first rounder after his junior year.

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He hasn't been a year removed

He hasn't been a year removed from high school graduation so he's not eligible for this year's draft.

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I thought that someone might

I thought that someone might create a post about De Sousa after his past few games playing in Azubuike's absence. To me, he brings that sort of "take a flier on a very raw, young prospect" hype, similar to the buzz around Hamidou Diallo in last year's draft. His current intrigue is based in the notion that he has had some very productive games of late and he is still essentially a high school senior. He is very raw, and needs more high level coaching, but you can't argue that the tools are there. He looked very smooth on a couple above the rim plays I saw last week, and if he declares, I think some team with multiple picks will easily take him somewhere in the mid-second round. Not sure I'd burn a first round pick on him since this draft is shaping up to be very deep at the 4/5 position, but as my third or fourth pick in the 35-50 range, he'd garner a long look.

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