Silly season

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Silly season

Silly season is officially here.

Contracts getting guaranteed. ASG approaching. Trade deadline is coming.

The crazy sh*t has begun. Luke Kennard fighting with coaches. Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown scuffle on the bench vs Miami, Gordon Hayward clearly distancing himself and Kyrie in the middle shaking his head.. we have some quality ball starting to show itself now too.. the Spurs Thunder going 2OT in a 300 point game, Russ with 24, 24 and 13, LMA with 56 and the Spurs going 16-19 from 3.

So what happens from here?

Give me one trade and your two finals teams.

My trade is going to be:

Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, Boston's 1st Rd pick and Memphis' own 1st Rd pick back

for Marc Gasol and Jamychal Green

This leaves the Celtics with two first rounders and these 10 guys-

Irving Smart Tatum Morris Gasol

Rozier Hayward Green Theis Baynes

The Griz end up with Conley Brown Anderson Horford Jackson as starters and 2 first rounders

I think it works. I know it works financially. I cant see the Celtics getting AD and I cant see Ainge standing pat, so thats what Im going with.

My finals teams - Im going with Warriors Raptors.

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Not sure who I picked before

Not sure who I picked before the season started but Warriors-Raptors looks very possible.

I actually think any potential Marc Gasol trade should involve the Raptors. Maybe Conley too but those two guys make a TON of money. If the Grizzlies get Big Jonas, Delon Wright, OG Anunouby, and a first round pick this year (or next) out of it that would be great -- for Mempho long term, and for the Raptors short-term (this year and probably the next two). Ironically, Conley would be a great backup point guard for Lowry (Lowry used to back up the Con Man in Memphis). If Mempho can get Serge Ibaka too (sending them back Jam Green) that would be cool.

I wouldn't mind seeing some more big market teams in the Finals, but a small market Finals between the Bucks and Nuggets would be cool too! Probably bad for ratings, but it might be more interesting.

As far as the Grizzlies go, I THINK we need to tank. Boston owns our pick at some point but it is top 8 protected THIS year and only top FOUR protected next season. So, we would have to be the WORST team in the league next season to guarantee keeping our pick. And I am not sure James Wiseman would be the best fit next to Jaren -- two sorta skinny bigs who aren't great (yet) with the ball in their hands and not pure shooters, OR Anthony Edwards who reminds me a bit too much of OJ Mayo -- refined/polished game with hype but he already looks like he's 25. Oh, I don't dig 6'3 shooting guards either.

Gimme a shot at Zion or RJ. With Super Bol, Cam Reddish, Morant, Tre Young, and Darius Garland as potential consolation prizes. Oh, I can get myself worked up over some sleepers like Admiral Schofield. Even Mac McClung and Moses Brown.

We need a 1a (at least) to put next to Jaren. For big men, Zion would make the best tag team partner for JJJ. RJ could run the show and some of those other guys look good too.

In 2021 I would go after a third wheel. Maybe wing scoring or something. I know it is "supposed" to be deep with a bunch of HS kids coming out but it doesn't really wow me as a class yet. Lots of skinny combos and tweeners.

I think Zion/RJ are better than anyone in both 2020 and 2021 AND the rest of the (probable) 2019 draft class stacks up very well too. Bol Bol at 10ish in this draft makes more sense from a value perspective than James Wiseman in the top 3.

For the rest of the silly season: contenders should put togethere their best deal for AD: windows close faster than you might think. Maybe LeBron's wheels are starting to fall off. Should OKC trade everything not named Russellmania or Pope Paul George XIII (wow that is a great nick name why has no one thought of it???) for AD. I think Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Paul George, me, and Rudeboy could get to the Finals.

I could even see the Warriors semi-shopping Klay and Dray for Anthony Davis. Big 3's now are 10 times more important than the rest of the roster. Even without Klay and Dray the W's would still have Cousins, Iggy, and Quin Cook to do some of the other stuff.

Boston should try to make a move too.

Philly should be shopping everyone other than Embiid/Simmons/Butler. So, Fultz, Reddick, Saric, and future 1st rounders.

Teams other than the Celtics, Sixers, Bucks, Raptors, Warriors, Rockets, Thunder, Nuggets, and Lakers should begin tanking after the All Star break (maybe even before).

The LA Clippers are a nice feel good story. But Zion Williamson is a nice feel good story, too.

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Boston making jaylen brown

Boston making jaylen brown “untouchable” was a huge mistake. They should’ve gotten Kawhi as they had more to offer. If he re-signs in Toronto, thats a huge miss for Boston

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