Signing Andrew Bynum

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Signing Andrew Bynum

When healthy, hes probably one of the top centers in the league. However, hes also become one of the most injury-prone ones as well. Lets say your team needed a center, and was thinking about trying to sign Bynum this summer.

How much are you willing to offer him considering his health history? How many years and salary per?

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I would give him about

I would give him about 11-12mil /4 years, a little less than Brook Lopez per year. I think he is a better player than Lopez...when healthy but that is not guarenteed to happen. If someone was to allow me to choose between Lopez, Bynum, Hibbert, Aldridge, Chandler, and Noah I view all these players as being able to do the same thing. Obviously if you need scoring or defense you would pick differently, but they all can clog the paint and be an anchor. I think Bynum is the most complete, and from a potential and skillset should get more, but his bum knee costs him some money.

It really just depends on the team though, If I were Philly or Houston or Cleveland for example, a team with one center from having a complete team I would definitely consider throwing that 12 million at him, however if I were a team like the raptors or Bobcats, I wouldn't tie up my money in a guy who I couldn't rely on for 3 years straight when I know I am rebuilding.

Also when looking at the big men around the league, you got to look at Marc Gasol and say "He's making 12mil a year, as defensive player of the year, great passing big man, and he's HEALTHY" Maybe write a contract for 4 years with the ability to opt out after 2 years so he can try and get more if he proves to be healthy.

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7-8 mil for three seasons

7-8 mil for three seasons with a team option for a fourth year.

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Doesn't matter

Somebody's gonna be desperate enough to overpay for him. Don't be that somebody. Get Al Jefferson instead....unless you HAVE to have a 7 footer.

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^ on the money, if you got

^ on the money, if you got some cash, spend it safely and get jefferson. you know what youll get from him. NO WAY i'd give bynum that huge deal he supposedly wants. theres a chance he comes back decently healthy but its very slim, He has not been able to stay on the court the past 3 years. When healthy i think hes an excellent big man, especially when he's motivated, but my opinion is hes just always gonna be one of those brittle guys who are lucky to play 40 or so games a year.

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Whatever Bynum turns out to be down the road, right now he's a gamble, one with a substantial risk. You have, as PF/C alternatives in this free agent class:

Al Jefferson
Paul Milsap
Josh Smith
Andray Blatche
Brandan Wright
David West
Dwight Howard
Chris Andersen
Jermaine O'Neal
Thiago Splitter
Emeka Okafor

All of these guys are smarter choices than gambling on Andrew Bynum. Some have their own issues, of course, but they are known commodities, and for the most part, nowhere near the injury risk that Bynum is. Many of them are substantially cheaper as well, and with this many options out there, finding one that is a great value for the money should be the primary focus of a GM. My guess is Thiago Splitter, David West, big Al Jefferson, and Paul Milsap would be the 4 most likely "value picks" of the group.

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Talented? Yes but : no

Talented? Yes but :

no knees... no passion, no love for the game, a worse and worse behaviour... already got his rings, only want a new (last ?) contract (personal opinion).

no more fuel nore fire.

No way I'd offer him a contract (and of course no long term contract). But I'm sure the team that will miss howard (houston ? atlanta ?) will get the risk and will kill his financial flexibility and hopes.

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The canny thing to do would

The canny thing to do would be to try and get him on a one year deal and then if he came back fit and playing to his best, that team can then offer him the biggest deal in 2014. Or a team offers him a deal with team options for most years after year one.

I wonder could a contract be done based on games played and the more games he plays the more he earns, say $5 million guarantee, $50,000 per game up to 40 games, $100,000 per game for next 22 games and $150,000 for final 20 games of the 82 game regular season plus $150,000 for any play off games. These are just ballpark figures but the more he plays the more he is paid or he has to hit say 65 games to guarantee his contract for the next year.

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Not what I would do, but

Not what I would do, but someone will give him max money. A desperate team that really wants to swing for the fences to get a top tier (when healthy) big like Bynum will literally THROW cash at him. Like JunkYardDog said, Houston and Atlanta could be the team that does it if they miss out on Dwight. Other places might be Cleveland in a S&T to pair with their young backcourt as well as Orlando or maybe Milwaukee with Monta opting out (possibly need a S&T), or Dallas.

The guy just doesn't give a crap about anything, not just basketball. He seems pretty content sitting on the bench in a suit grabbing a paycheck rather than trying to be a great player.

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Watching Bynum over his NBA career I can say that he needs a respected coach that has a leading presence over their to keep him accountable mentally. He's won 2 NBA titles, was arguably the best center in the league when healthy, was an all-star, made good money, and he's only 25! His knees have limited his ceiling which is unfortunate, but as a young kid in his shoes, what more do you want to accomplish? The GOATs don't lose focus, so he clearly dgaf about being the best he can be. idk for certain but from the looks of things he seems content with his career as is.

Here are coaches that I believe could get good production out of him:


There's no way he goes to SA, chicago, memphis, or indy so all you have left is GS, Minny, Boston, Dallas, and NYK. I get the feeling NY wants more offensively than Tyson and a heathy Bynum would help them tremendously. He'd be back in the spotlight he grew accustomed to and will be held accountable both internally and from the media as usual.

Dallas, Minny, Boston & NY all have 4's that are more than comfortable playing on the perimeter so he'd fit in nicely on those teams as well. I'm guessing Bogut will resign w/ GS after his contract is up because he has a great relationship w/ the organization.

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Give him an incenteve heavy

Give him an incenteve heavy 1yr deal w/ a team option that becomes guaranteed if he reaches certain milestones

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Is the biggest concern...obviously. However, when healthy, he's the best center in the league. Because of cap reasons, you have to give him a 3 year deal, because if he's healthy; you want his Bird Rights after year three. So I would sign him for the money he wanted, but guarantee as little as possible. If you can get away with it. So 3 years 35 million, with only the first year guaranteed and the the next two years being a team option..

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The best training staff in the league in my opinion
Helped Hill , Nash and even Jermaine with their injury problems
I think this would be a good fit but they would have to do something about Gortat
Maybe a sign and trade

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Blazers should stay far far

Blazers should stay far far away from this guy

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I'd talk my team out of

I'd talk my team out of signing him!!

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Yeah if I'm Phoenix I'm going

Yeah if I'm Phoenix I'm going all-in on Bynum. I'm convinced there isn't anything structurally wrong with him that will prevent him being healthy, his team just needs to take a pro-active approach instead of treating injuries as they occur. Nobody is better at maintaining sound biomechanics than the Phoenix training staff.

Not many other teams should be looking at him IMO.

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I would take a chance on Greg

I would take a chance on Greg Oden before Bynum..Oden will take way less money and years..And he seems like he has a passion for the game unlike Bynum.

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I've heard Bynum will be resigned by the Sixers anyway

They have his Bird Rights and can offer him the most, they're also the Team with the most information on his health, They lost a lot making the trade for him and are willing to take a Non Guaranteed Risk and resign for a near max 4 year deal...

The contract will be for 4 years/60 million dollars, only the 1st two years will be guaranteed though, with Team Options on years 3 and 4...

This way Bynum makes at the very least 30 million over 2 seasons and the Sixers have something to show for after losing Iguadola and 2 prospects in the deal, If Bynum is injured in years 1 or 2 they have a 15 million dollar expiring contract down the road...

4yrs/60 million dollars, with Team Options on years 3 and 4, that's what I'm hearing internally...

The 76ers have a Pg, Sg, Sf and C if they resign Bynum, meaning a Pf is their target in the draft

Cody Zeller,Anthony Bennett and Kelly Olynyk make sense next to Bynum IMO, they may have to trade up to secure one of these guys in the top 7...

Holiday-Turner-Wright-Zeller-Bynum-Young(6th Man) Sounds like a solid team to me, and if Bynum does get hurt we'll be in the Lottery again in a deep draft...

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