Shumpert on the Move?

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Shumpert on the Move?

The New York Knicks are listening to trade offers for Iman Shumpert, but a team source said a deal that would send the second-year guard to the Phoenix Suns for Jared Dudley as part of a multiplayer package is "unlikely at this point."

The Suns have shown interest in acquiring Shumpert, a league source confirmed.

The Suns' interest in Shumpert and their willingness to include Dudley in a deal was first reported by Yahoo! Sports on Saturday night.

The Knicks have been monitoring the trade market for a shooter in recent weeks, but there is a faction in the organization opposed to giving up Shumpert, who is widely viewed as one of the top young perimeter defenders in the league.

The Knicks also have monitored Orlando sharpshooter J.J. Redick, according to a league source.

The Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls are among a bevy of teams believed to have strong interest in Redick.

As a Magic fan I am all for trading JJ for Shump. Gives us a very nice piece for the future & he could start at the PG & allow us to focus somewhere else in the draft.

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Why.. he's on his rookie

Why.. he's on his rookie contract still. I think this would be a mistake for the knicks

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WTF this can't be true. I

WTF this can't be true. I just don't see a reason for us to get rid of Shump. He's working back into game shape and proved last year that he's a great defender that can also contribute on the offensive side. I don't want to trade Shump and watch him grow into a nice ass player somewhere else.

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just like BenchWarmer said... he is on his rookie contract and with Melo and Amare eating up all that money, you need to keep the young quality player while you still have him cheap. If this way his last yr on his rookie deal then I MIGHT understand.

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report- The Suns are


The Suns are reportedly "motivated" to trade for Knicks guard Iman Shumpert, according to Yahoo! Sports.
Phoenix might be willing to package Jared Dudley and a first-round pick to land Shumpert, but "the Knicks have so far shown no inclination to do such a deal." It's all speculation for now, but if he does eventually get sent to the desert by the Feb. 21 trade deadline, Shumpert's fantasy value would rise overnight.


As stated as above I don't know why they would try and trade him. Maybe they want to contend now and get a veteran.... Not sure why they would do Dudley and pick, not sure it would be a real upgrade.

Depsite Burks just having a career game I am not sure how he sits in the future plans of Utah. They still have the Kanter/Favors/Milsap/Jefferson log jam to trade.

Do the Knicks know something about his return from injury ? ala' The Blazers when they traded Webster and his bad back

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The Knicks Screwed Up

They though Amar'e and Carmelo would mesh together. They're both scorers who don't create for others. Now, they don't have enough money to keep Shumpert. Couldn't they just amnesty Amar'e after the season?

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Cant be

They may be listening to offers but they cant be serious about trading Shumpert... He's the best defender on the team and can guard almost anybody with his toughness, quickness, and length. He's not playing like his normal self after returning from the injury, but everyone knows what he's capable of.

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