Is Shaq's Son good enough to make the NBA?

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Is Shaq's Son good enough to make the NBA?

He is curently ranked # 18 by espn in his class. He seem very mobile for his height but he is still skinny

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Havent really watched him

Havent really watched him play, but did watch a few highlight videos.. Hes pretty good, If Austin Rivers can make it in the league due to his fathers nepotism.. Im sure Shaq could the same

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LOL I don't think we can

LOL I don't think we can blame Doc Rivers for drafting Austin. It would be the morons at NO who thought pedigree had something to do with potential.

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Not now. It seems in time he

Not now. It seems in time he should be if he keeps working.

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He's 16, it's way too early

He's 16, it's way too early to tell if he'll be an NBA player. He obviously has athleticism and good bloodlines. I will continue to ask you to stop posting these videos while never responding to any posts or adding anything to the forum. I know you won't listen and will continue to do it, but just know there are other websites you can post your crap on and leave alone for people who actually care about talking about basketball.

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Bruh there's literally one

Bruh there's literally one thread every three days on this site anways, his videos aren't doing harm in anyway.

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He is really good. Reminds me

He is really good. Reminds me of Rudy Gay. He has potential. I think hes gonna go to UCLA but I could be wrong. The sky is the limit for Shareef.

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Def has the size

The guy can easily dunk. At 16 he has to be a good 6'6 pr 6'7. That is pretty good being that young, he will prbly still grow. He looks like he def has the size and the athletic ability. Plus he had some nice form on the jumpers. Might be projecting some range with the looks of his shot. Surely NBA caliber young guy potential.

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I just hope his dad hasn't

I just hope his dad hasn't taught him how to shoot free throws.....

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Heard a year ago that Shaq

Heard a year ago that Shaq wants him to model Anthony Davis' game. Assuming he hits 6'10" to 7'0", his dad can help his training a lot. Not saying he'll be Davis, but Shaq's one of the greatest to learn from.

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He has a solid frame. I bet

He has a solid frame. I bet he fills out. His dad was a big man. I don't know about an AD skillset, something like Whiteside would get him drafted in the first round.

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At the Nike Elite 100 he was
At the Nike Elite 100 he was 6'8'' barefoot, weighed 200 lbs, with a 7' wingspan. Not sure he'll keep growing, but he seems to have the size to be a face up 4 man. The key for him will be honing his perimeter game, and adding strength (which I doubt will be an issue judging by his genetics ).
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I haven't seen much of him

I haven't seen much of him and in many ways the family name can be as much a drag as an enhancement to him. Sure it will open a lot of doors for him but he'll always be known as Shaq's kid unless he becomes a great himself.

Anyway he has good size - not a surprise and will surely have the build to bulk up in due course. It's good that Shaq is encouraging Jnr to model his game on AD as the lad seems to be a different type player to what Shaq was.

He'll likely go to college where he can enjoy his ball and he'd be under no financial pressure to declare for the draft so could really let his game mature. If he does well in college then teams will consider him, for his sake I wouldn't want him drafted too high as that would put more pressure on him.

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