is shaq really gona help?

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is shaq really gona help?

if sheed comes back there a major logjam
both oneal perk big baby and sheed
somebody not gona see time
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I think Shaq can help them a

I think Shaq can help them a lot. Who knows what capacity that Perkins will be able to come back in. Shaq gives them something they've been missing and that's a true low post presence. Garnett largely lives on the perimeter now and Perkins has no offensive game. I'm not saying we're going to see the old Shaq or anything but I think if his minutes are managed well and they find a way to work him into their offensive scheme then they can definitely get some use out of him.

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i see Jermaine traded or big

i see Jermaine traded or big baby and Jermaine for something, its a contract year for baby so who knows how much he's gonna get/want

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Shaq going to the Celtics is probably the most overrated accquistion of free agency. He's old. Jermaine will come in before he will.

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i dunno

Shaq may help,short term because thats big perks spot. but why did they sign j oneal??? They didnt see how done he was when they watched him go 6-89 in the playoffs againts them

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Shaq will help them while

Shaq will help them while Perkins is out with his injury for the first bit of the season

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