Shaq To Cleveland

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Shaq To Cleveland

Just wondering what peoples thoughts were on this. Being that Shaq is my all-time favorite player, and that LeBron is my current favorite player next to him, I would love it. Shaq is in ring mode and probably is going to be working his ass off this off-season, but unless Phoenix did something drastic, they just do not have what it takes to compete (mainly a lack of defense and no depth). The trade to me would make little to no sense for Phoenix, who would be losing Shaq's contract at the end of the year regardless and all the sense in the world for Cleveland and for Shaq. As far past his prime as Shaq may be, even further so are Ben Wallace and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Ben was a solid defender and rebounder in his day, do not get me wrong, but he got owned by the last year on the Lakers 380 pound Shaq. Dwight Howards game 6 against Cleveland was really as close to Shaq as he has ever looked, and a lot of that was thanks to the total lack of defense by Zydrunas, who had no speed even in his younger days, and a Ben Wallace that looked like he had chosen to retire before the game even started.

Now, as far as shutting down Dwight Howard, Shaq is not going to do that. But, you want a guy that can at least bang down low, get Dwight in foul trouble and possibly bring that nice counter attack, Shaq would be your man. I think that Cleveland is desperate to find a way to keep LeBron James, and this could be it. If LeBron does not compete for, and I would maybe even say win a ring next year in Cleveland, I say it could be off to New York or New Jersey/Brooklyn. Bring in Shaq, and you have a much better chance to get LeBron that ring, plus when his and Z's salary would come off the books, it would be a beautiful thing for cap room. As much as Ben and Sasha were good role players, when LeBron asked for Mike Brown to play Sasha, the dude barely came in the game. I still think Sasha could be a decent player, but it does not seem that Cleveland is giving him much of an opportunity.

You can call Shaq a ring chaser, but what guy isn't late in their career? Everyone wants to play for a contender during their last few years in the league. Just because Shaq already has 4 rings does not mean he should want a 5th any less. I recall Karl Malone and Gary Payton trying to get one in LA (Mitch Richmond did two years before) and than GP getting it with him in Miami. When you are making your last stops, you are wanting to go for it all. If this Cleveland trade goes down, they might still need to address some things with the team as far as depth at guard and maybe adding some shooters, plus they would be very old and injury prone up front, but if they could not win it this year, I do not see the, keep it together and good things will happen approach working. Teams in this league that win championships are constantly re-upping to get better, and the teams that just keep it as is usually fall behind. If this trade goes down, I see good things happening in Cleveland, and a much better chance of competing against either a Magic or Laker team next year.

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love it!

a share you're enthusiasm about this paring. i love both Shaq and Lebron as players and as characters off the court. i really hope this works out because, as premature as it is, the thought of a Lakers v. Cavs, Shaq v. Kobe, Kobe v. Lebron, finals has me all giddy! not to mention the commercial possibilties...Cavs practices would be a fun place to be!

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Problem is Shaq will clog

Problem is Shaq will clog the middle and Lebron wouldn't be able to drive to the basket where he is most effective at.

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Or Shaq could create lanes for Lebron with boxouts and mountain sized picks ....cleveland really needs a defensive presence in the middle...clearly opposing teams are not worried about Z or Ben Wallace when driving the lane now a days...

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needs to retire and also quit running his mouth. His personality is annoying, I mean it was good, but damn, when is he going to grow up?

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