Shane Battier retires

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Shane Battier retires

One of the true good guys and professionals that the NBA has had over the last 13 years since he was drafted 6th overall by Memphis in 2001. In my mind, he'll always be remembered as a winner on both the collegiate and NBA levels. Happy retirement, Shane. Thanks for the memories.

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Seems like a great guy off

Seems like a great guy off the court, he's very intelligent, but god damn is he dirty. One of the dirtier players in the league.

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Thank you Battier for being one of the better teammates in this league. It's depressing that this is his exit.

Without a doubt, he is one of the best defenders of all time.

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Think thats a bit of a

Think thats a bit of a stretch. In his prime he could really D it up, but his niche was drawing charges not being an overly fantastic overall defender.

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wouldn't surprise me at all

wouldn't surprise me at all to see him become an analyst. Shoot you might see him at the draft this year I remember him doing some post draft interviews either last year or the year before

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He's already signed on to

He's already signed on to become a college basketball analyst for ESPN next year.

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great player

I'll remember him for last year Finals Game7. Awesome.

He will not be the only Heat players who retires this year...

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battier has already agreed to

battier has already agreed to become an analyst

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Dirty Player

Never liked him.

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Most notable claim to fame

Most notable claim to fame for me was on Draft night, when he was asked what would his purchase be and he simply said a Volvo.

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his future

I always thought he would be a prominent figure post retirement in national politics.....has the brains of Bill Bradley and more charisma

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not a fan of battier the

not a fan of battier the player, but a fan of battier the person. Him and Grant Hill Are two of the smartest most engaging guys I have heard speak off of the court.

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