Shadow of Rudy Gay

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Shadow of Rudy Gay

Watching Rudy Gay play is frustrating as hell because he had all the tools to be an elite small forward but never put it together. He is only 31, and plays like he’s a 37-year-old vet. Rudy doesn’t know his role in San Antonio, “Should I bang down low or should I be a stretch shooter?” He’s been my guy at the 3 ever since I watched him in high school; I just knew he was going to takeoff after he left UConn, but his best ball played was in Toronto, and now he’s not a shell of himself due to injuries. At this point of his career, Rudy should’ve been the DeMar DeRozan of the small forward spot.

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Rudy's a fantastic

Rudy's a fantastic athlete,with great length,a versatile scorer,can hit the 3, block shots.Jerry West who was Memphis GM at the time,said Rudy Gay had the most upside out of all the 2006 prospects.And West traded the popular Battier to get him.He felt Rudy would reach his potential in the pros. But Rudy's an average passer,has a low B Ball IQ and doesn't give a maximum effort every night. He always leaving wanting more.

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I still think he is the most

I still think he is the most talented player to put on a Raptors jersey including Vince Carter. But even when he played for Toronto he was the laziest, couldnt give a 'f' star player I ever saw as well. He may go down as my worst shot selection 1st overall pick and when Toronto had him and a young Demar Derozan it was very bad basketball to watch. Him leaving made the Raps much better as has been the case throughout his career on many teams.

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I see what you're getting at,

I see what you're getting at, and agree that Gay has underachieved for his career, but gotta vehemently disagree that he was more naturally talented than VC.

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