Shabazz Muhammad Player Comparison ( Updated - Sorry For Bad Spelling In Previous Post )

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Shabazz Muhammad Player Comparison ( Updated - Sorry For Bad Spelling In Previous Post )

Shabazz Muhammad

NBA Comparison: Isiah Rider/Bonzi Wells

Everytime I watch Shabazz Muhammed play, his overall skill set and athletic abilities reminds alot of a young, very athletic, and offensively skilled Isiah Rider and Bonzi Wells. Like those players shabazz is a big time scoring threat who plays with alot of toughness and a in your face hard-nosed style of play, with a skill set and athletic ability that allows him to post-up very well and finish plays around the rim with alot of athleticism, strength and touch. He also has a very good midrange & in-between game ( pull-up jumpers, floaters, fadeways, stepback jumpers from around the freethrow line area when he can't get all the way to the basket) and will be a big problem in the open court ( driving to the rim with strength and power, running the floor, and finishing plays with explosive dunks when he's in great shape ). Shabazz also has very good footwork and fundamentals when moving with-out the ball, when working from the tripple threat position, and when posting-up defenders. His physical play and all around post up skill set is going to get alot of shooting guards and small forwards in alot of foul trouble when he get's to the NBA

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Bonzi Wells is not a bad

Bonzi Wells is not a bad comparison, although Muhammad is already showing he will be an excellent 3 point shooter when he gets to the NBA making him a more versatile scorer than Bonzi ever was.

I still like Ben McLemore better than Muhammad as a prospect, it just seems McLemore is a more well rounded player at this stage (better playmaker, better court vision, and better defender).

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The thing that makes me

The thing that makes me believe in Muhammad is his sheer force of will in big games; I was extremely impressed by Bazz in the overtime game with Missouri, he flipped the switch down the stretch and made huge buckets to win them the game.

His killer instinct is something else, I'm telling you.

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