Shabazz Muhammad and the Draft.

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Shabazz Muhammad and the Draft.

I'm the first to say that if you're a top 5 pick you should go no matter what. With all the talk of Bazz falling out of the top 5 maybe down to the 8ish spot could it be better for him to come back to school for one more year?

New coach, new system and all three will be a year older. Bazz, Adams and Anderson. I just don't see how it would hurt him. At the worst I think he stays right around where he is. At the best could go 3-4 behind Wiggins and Parker.

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When i first read the topic I was thinking about next years draft being loaded. But now that I think about it yes it could be beneficial for him to stay but honestly I still think he should enter this year. After seeing Kevin wares injury it brought back to mind that these players aren't invincible. Anyone can be hurt at anytime. What if instead of going to the league he decided to come back and gets an major or minor injury that further worsens his status? He should just strike while the iron is hot

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So many things could go

So many things could go wrong, but the easiest response it that this draft is weak, very weak, and next years is strong, that alone will knock him down the same way Harrison Barnes slipped some. Also Bazz wouldn't have stepped on a college campus is he could have gone straight from high school. And finally the longer yóuré in college the more the scouts pick apart your game and less '' upside" you have. He needs to go now. UCLA is better off moving on and starting a new era without him.

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I think he would slide. His

I think he would slide. His lack of shot creating ability wouldn't go away. Quite simply, I don't think Muhammad is as good a scorer as some think. His stock is as high now as it will likely ever be. Maybe if he lost a little weight and gained some explosiveness, but right now he just doesn't seem to be all that he was hyped to be.

Don't get me wrong, Muhammad has talent. He should be able to score well in the post in the NBA, he is a good spot-up shooter, and he can shoot coming off of screens, but he can't create his own shot effectively from the perimeter, lacks the first step to get all the way to the rim, causing him to settle for low percentage floaters, and is a mediocre finisher at the rim. His shooting ability should allow him to get a role as a good bench scorer, but he is not a dynamic enough shot creator to make up for his inability to pass and his subpar defense would be exposed more severely if he started..

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Or in Shabazz's case 2 years

Or in Shabazz's case 2 years older.

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The problem with Shabazz

The problem with Shabazz is that red flags are constantly coming through the surface and I'm sure that we'll learn about more when he is in the NBA to. His game is selfish and is a chucker/blackhole that would only be effective on a team that can afford a decent scorer such as Charlotte but considering that the Bobcats are a lock for the top 4, I doubt with the state of his current stock he'll land there.

It's amazing because prior to the season he was regarded as the gem of this draft by many scouts and was considered the next Kobe Bryant/James Harden type of player. We now know he is one-year-older than he should've been in High-School thus inflating his success and stock, he has a very self-centered play-style that is consistent with his on court personality that won't attract many NBA teams not to mention that he's a surprisingly ordinary athlete. In a new system, Shabazz Muhammad could average more points, that's it, he's not suddenly going to pass more or stuff the stat sheet elsewhere which makes him very one dimensional. In this case, I'm so glad that we don't have the High-School draft eligible rule anymore because this guy would've swindled his way into a massive contract and got a GM fired. Would not touch him.

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Teams tend to

Teams tend to shy away from guys with Shabazz his red flags. Guy could really mess up the current culture that organizations have been developing. OKC would certainly not be interested in adding this guy.

This guy could really fall out of the top 10.

And next year? Don't even go there buddy.

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Personally I get tired of these scouts proclaiming that this guy or that guy is the next "Kobe Bryant". That statement (and others like it) is used too often without the people saying it stopping to understand that Kobe Bryant is a freaking machine who is not only skilled, but extremely smart, and a gym rat and gifted in the areas of concentration and self confidence beyond anything most have.

They said Harrison Barnes was "Kobe" like. I mean I see Harrison Barnes and nothing screams Kobe.

I know they have to compare these guys to someone but my goodness.

In Shabazz's case he's not Harden either who was smooth, unselfish, and versatile. That comparison is being made because they are both around the same height and are both left handed.

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all I can say people

all I can say people underrates him SO MUCH now..

just wait for workouts (where i'm pretty sure he would outplay Mclemore)

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