Serge Ibaka

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Serge Ibaka

It looks like Serge signed a contract with OKC, so I am thinking that means he is coming over next year. He definitely seems like a raw player, but of the footage I have seen of him and seeing him play myself, he is a pretty awesome basketball specimen. He has size and athleticism that seem to be a rare combination for someone 6'10 and he is still very young. I thought it might take him another 2-3 years to come to the league, but he did fairly well statistically in summer league. I am just wondering if anyone knows whether he is indeed coming over next year, as I just saw that he was signed along with James Harden and BJ Mullens. I am big on Serge and would love to see what he can do and hope to possibly see him coming to the league sooner than later, as I am sure at this point it will be the best way for him to get better.

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he was drafted by the

he was drafted by the thunder last year..yeah he is raw with potenial..nice jumper but doesnt answer what okc would like to have in a big man and thats a banger..him and bj tend to just shoot white though shoots jumpers and bangs downlow

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