The Seattle "6th"

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The Seattle "6th"

Seattle is not an underrated city IMO for putting players in the NBA, but as of lately some of their players have been getting lesser roles, in the NBA which underrates their talents. 3 of the best players from Seattle have the 6th man role.

  • Jamal Crawford
  • Jason Terry
  • Brandon Roy

All 3 players are legitimate starters in the NBA for just about any team, but they are so deadly that they are more productive for their teams coming off the bench.

Roy is kind've an exception, because he is a full-time starter if it were not for his career threatening injuries.

Terry is the best shooter out of the bunch, but he thrives off bench points & production which fuels his Mavs team.

Crawford is the best 6th man amongst the 3. He really has learned over the years to accept is full-time role as a 6th man. The one thing that counts in his situation, is he is not treated as a 6th man, because he is on the court when it is time to close the game.

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Terry and Crawford are small

Terry and Crawford are small two guards. They cant defend the starting 2 on a regular basis. Their best roll is coming off the bench for instant offense.

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