Season predictions

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Season predictions

Here are my seasonprediction, would be nice to discuss about.

1 Lakers
2 Mavs
3 Jazz
5 Spurs
6 Portland
7 Houston
8 Suns

Only the last two (perhaps three, depends on health of Portland) spots are tricky. I gave the Suns the edge because of their strong bench-play and size (with R. Lopez and Frye). Other potential play-off teams: Memphis (with their youth and Randolph in contract year), Clippers (depends on health and motivation of Davis), Denver (depends if Carmelo goes) and Hornets (when you have Chris Paul, you always have a shot at the postseason).

1 Orlando
2 Miami
3 Bulls
4 Celtics
5 Hawks
6 Milwaukee
7 Knicks (go as far as Amare can take them)
8 Wizards (they have the talent)

Here also the last two spots are wide open, with several teams having a possibility. While the East is much weaker, a young and talented team like the Wizards could make it. Other potential play-off teams all have holes in their game, like Indiana, Detroit, Cleveland and maybe Philly.

Lakers vs Suns (Lakers in 5)
OKC vs Spurs (Spurs in 6)
Mavs vs Houston (Mavs in 5)
Jazz vs Portland (Jazz in 7)

Lakers vs Spurs (Lakers in 7)
Mavs vs Jazz (Mavs in 7)

Lakers vs Mavs (Lakers in 6)

Orlando vs Wizards (Orlando in 4)
Miami vs Knicks (Miami in 4)
Bulls vs Milwaukee (Milwaukee in 7)
Celtics vs Hawks (Celtics in 5)

Milwaukee vs Celtics (Celtics in 6)
Orlando vs Miami (Miami in 7)

Miami vs Celtics (Celts in 7)

NBA Finals: Lakers vs Celtics (Lakers in 6)

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