Sacramento Kings are better than their record suggests.

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Sacramento Kings are better than their record suggests.

I'm watching the Kings @ Grizzlies game. The Kings just came back from a 21 point deficit led by Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins. No doubt Cousins is a top 5 player when it comes to talent. Rondo and Cousins play well together. They're playing without Rudy Gay and with McLemore in the bench for the most part of their comeback.

It's been a pretty interesting game so far.

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I think they need to shake things up this summer

I would honestly trade Rudy Gay to any team willing take his Contract plus send me a lottery pick...

I would get rid of Ben Mclemore too, select Buddy Hield to replace him and trade Rudy Gay for a young PF or Pick in the late lottery...

I would try to resign Rondo, draft Buddy Hield, trade Ben for a guy that can play SF and shop Rudy around for another Lottery pick(Bryce Johnson)

See if you can pry away Harrison Barnes and run out a starting line up of...

Rondo, Hield, Barnes, Johnson and Cousins...

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I like it


And while they are at it they might think of fixing whomever is in charge of player development and possibly structure practices and film sessions as almost always mandatory.

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Although he is a nice player,

Although he is a nice player, I just cannot see many teams giving up a lottery pick for him. Maybe the Celtics would bite as they have a boatload of picks, but other than that I don't see many opportunities. Who did you had in mind?

In addition, prying Barnes away means you have to pay the max. Not sure whether that would be smart for the Kings, as you would rely on Barnes being your second scoring option.

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why would u get rid mclemore

why would u get rid mclemore than turn around and draft hield? a guy whose skillset is very similar to mclemore.

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i think

They should consider trading Cousins, only if a team is willing to give up multiple pieces ala the Melo deal. Lets face it they are not close to being elite in comparison with the Western juggernauts. I honestly think Cousins will be gone. they legit dont have the pieces to get another star player, they can get rid of Gays contract easily if they package him with Cousins. Not saying its option number 1 but they need to reevaluate themselves quickly.

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I was actually at the game

I was actually at the game last night.

WCS threw down some hammers. Went 4-4 from the field. Rondo is quick and speedy. McLemore looks like he can be good.

Cousins didn't have the greatest game. Birdman, Z Bo, and even our rookie Jarrell Martin played him fairly well. DMC isn't too explosive or bouncy so you can kinda just keep a big body on him, preferably with a shot blocker lurking on the weakside.

Speaking of Carmelo, why not just trade Cousins for Carmelo?

Move Rudy Gay either in the SAME deal or another deal...

The Kings can do Rondo-WCS pick and rolls all day. Then you have McLemore at the 2 still, Carmelo at the 3 or the stretch 4 doing his thing scoring the round ball. Plus, they would have a pretty good pick.

Of course, Porzingas and Cousins would be an interesting big man combo.

Not sure where Rudy Gay fits. What is the best location for him?

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