Ryan Kelly Out Indefinitely For Duke

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Ryan Kelly Out Indefinitely For Duke

Duke senior forward Ryan Kelly will be sidelined indefinitely after suffering a right foot injury during the top-ranked Blue Devils' 68-40 victory against Clemson on Tuesday night.

There is no timetable for his return.

"We feel very badly for Ryan," Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said. "He is playing the best basketball of his career and this is a tough setback for him. We're hoping for a good recovery and we are optimistic about his return."

Kelly had 12 points in the first half against Clemson but sat out the second. Krzyzewski said Kelly hurt the same foot he tweaked during the holidays and sprained last March, an injury that kept him out of both the ACC and NCAA tournaments.


If you follow Duke closely you'd know that Ryan Kelly is the most invaluable player to their offense besides Quinn Cook and also their best low post defender averaging 1.7 blocks per game.

If Kelly was European scouts would slobbering all over him because he is the perfect stretch four and in the last stretch of games he was playing some of the best basketball of his career leading Duke in scoring. We saw how Duke lost to Lehigh last year when Kelly got hurt which completely destroyed their offense because there wasn't the necessary spacing.

With his absence in my opinion Duke is barely a Top 10 team. I say this because ever since the OSU game Duke hasn't looked impressive and imo didn't deserve the #1 ranking at all. Adding in the injury to Kelly, it doesn't look good for the Blue Devils.

Teams have figured out over the last 5 games to double and triple team Mason Plumlee in the post every time he touches the ball. It didn't work so much because Mason is a very talented passer so he just started to rack up assists, but with Ryan Kelly gone that makes his options to pass to that much smaller.

Duke plays AT NC State on Saturday and will have to deploy Josh Hairston (lol) or Amile Jefferson who is a stick to guard CJ Leslie. They might even put Alex Murphy at the 4 as well.

As you can see, a front court injury was the worst possible situation for Duke because of their lack of depth. I'll be really surprised if they leave Raleigh this Saturday with a W.

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Agreed. We've seen this

Agreed. We've seen this before. Ryan Kelly is crucial. It should be early enough that he can make it back for the tournament one would think. In some way that is really all that counts for Duke, that run during the tournament.

I wonder if this means the youngest Plumlee will get playing time?

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