Russ Smith is not 100% in

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Russ Smith is not 100% in

Russ Smith didn't ever declare himself for the draft. Basically his father declared for him. Reports have came out that he is currently 50/50 on the matter and has not entered his name into the draft. I do feel he should enter because he won't go undrafted he is late first/early second kind of player but I feel his pops maybe should sit back and let Russ speak for himself.

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He might as well, sounds like Dad talked to a few agents already

He could feel in as a poor mans Kemba Walker off the bench in a few years but he will certainly be spending a lot of time in the D League. I can't see him going before 35 in this years draft, which is reportedly all time weak.
If he comes back he and Terry Rozier could be deadly together next year. Rozier opted for Prep school this year and is a cross between Russ and Siva. He has some pure point in him but some size and length plus a itchy combo guard trigger finger. He is a beast defensively and I saw him play a couple days ago and he is ready. He said he's leaving in a couple weeks.

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Russ is a very good college

Russ is a very good college guard, but I think as a pro, he'll go the way of Jacob Pullen ( who he reminds me a lot of ). He'll most likely not be coming of an NCAA Championship next year, so why not capitalize on any momentum he may have. I don't think he's an attractive pick, but someone might scoop him up at the end of the 2nd.

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It feels like guys are

It feels like guys are thinking that their draft stock won't improve next year, so they are declaring this year.

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I know it's these kids dreams

I know it's these kids dreams to play in the NBA and all but I think some realism wouldn't go astray. If I were him I'd definitely come back, try to become a legend at Louisville then go make a nice living overseas somewhere. Surely he reads what people see his pro potential at.

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Chad Ford

chadfordinsider Chad Ford
RT @clbrown_cj Pitino confirmed after pep rally Russ & Gorgui are staying in draft, Chane will return

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What does everyone think as a comparison for him

Saw the Kemba mention above, but Russ doesn't have the handles or court vision.

I think at best he is a poor-mans Ben Gordon: super under sized for sg, can shoot you into games, but will shoot you out of a lot.

At worst a slightly better Manny Harris who had some great scoring games as a rookie for the Cavs and then flamed out because of inconsistency.

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Saying Russ is a poor man's

Saying Russ is a poor man's Ben Gordon is still too high praise. Gordon was a 42 percent three point shooter in college. Russ was a 32 percent three point shooter. That's a huge difference. If you're tiny like Russ Smith and you're aren't a playmaker or an efficient shooter from anywhere on the floor, then you have no role. When you throw in his bad decision making, I don't know how any team will be compelled to draft him at all.

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