Rudy Gobert Offensive Rating

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Rudy Gobert Offensive Rating

So I don't always look at advanced analytics since I can easily find a flaw in their calculations, but Defensive Rating is one of the few I trust to value players. After Rudy Gobert's comments about being the best Center in the league, I happened to stumble upon his STAGGERING offensive rating of 131.

Seriously, does anyone know how this is possible? Why is Offensive Rating such a weird stat? Rudy Gobert, Tristian Thompson, and Nikola Jokic are the top 3 in the league, then CP3 comes 4th.

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Pick&Roll ? Gobert is very

Pick&Roll ?

Gobert is very good at setting screens. The dirty work can show up in stats you know. Offense is not just creating your own shot.

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