rubio to new york

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rubio to new york

if memphis doesnt want to draft harden and they want to trade rubio new york is the best place to do so

trade rubio and a couple future secound round picks to new york for the 2009 draft pick ,expiring contract and for unprotectected 2010,2011,2012,2013 first round draft picks{{{wich wouldnt be crazzy to do since new york will be a way better team after 2010 hopefully}}or something close to. so basically memphis would have 2 lottey picks and 3 soild first round picks for years to come witch they dont have to use they can trade these extra future round picks from the knicks while keeping there own to get established nba players

this way memphis might be giving up a great player but setting there future

and the knicks get the player they want and role players out of teh seond round for a cheap price to ride teh bench while teh stars of the knicks get the starter mintues

not 1 for tradeing threads but both teams are willing.....just and idea

the knicks are willing to give there moving most the team to clear cap space

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You are crazy. We have no

You are crazy. We have no 1st rounder in '10 and no team has ever traded 4 consecutive 1st rounders. Thats a trade for Lebron or something. Not an unproven European kid.

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No way...Rubio is overrated. Tyreke Evans Jonny Flynn or Brandon Jennings are better picks

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Dude there is no reason to

Dude there is no reason to give even 2 first round picks for Rubio. He will never be a title winning point guard because his team will always just be an exciting team. What are they gonna do when he has to defend a good point guard? He's not a scorer and not a defender so how is he going to lead a team to a championship? Nobody would give up that many first round picks for a player like this. Everyone is interested in him because this draft is so bad and there is nobody else to be interested in. He's def a really good player but lets be realistic.

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