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I here Ricky Rubio is telling Memphis and Oklahoma City not to draft him with their picks. With that being said If i was both teams i would look another direction because their are a number of points in this draft that are just as talented as Rubio Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, and Ty Lawson are some to mention. It is a strong possiblity that he can stay in spain and finish because he is still under contract over there.

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I would definatly look else

I would definatly look else where. What would happen if they draft him and he declines. Do they get his rights or something or is it just a wasted pick? If the guy is going to be a lil &$#%#[email protected]! about where he goes then i would go with someone else. Jennings, Flynn, or Curry can all help Memphis. I dont think OKC was going after him anyway. I guess if you have leverage like that, use it.

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It was only a rumor.

Rubio said he would like to go to Oklahoma City. It was a rumor started by someone who noticed that Rubio had the same agent that Yi Jianlian had, and has been disproven by several reliable websites.

OKC has said that they have a lot of interest in Rubio.

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i hope they dont pick

i hope they dont pick him..that would be a mistake in the short term..could be good in the long term but rubio has a high bust factor

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Who should they draft then.

Who should they draft then. A lot of players in the top 10 have high bust potential. Hill, Thabeet, Harden, Clark, Jennings, Curry. They all have question marks

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Know what

I think Jennings,Flynn, and Curry would be a better pick than this kid even if he said he would play for them. Get a real baller not a cat who is crying about where he is going to play. He needs to be focused on how he is going to deal with the rigors of the NBA and not where he is going. I hate players who do what he is doing right now. Move on, look elsewhere cause I think all those cats will be better than this dude 4 real. He is going to be a bust, he already has the wrong attitude coming in like he is all that. He has not proved anything in the NBA to be making demands. BUST.

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