The Rookie Everyone is Forgetting

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The Rookie Everyone is Forgetting

I think we're all getting a little tired of the Simmons Vs. Mitchell ROY debate, but what we're forgetting is who might be the true rookie of the year. Sure, Simmons has helped his team to 16 straight wins and a 3 seed in the playoffs while Mitchell has led a lottery bound team to a 5 seed including being one of the best teams in the leageue in the last 30 games, but what about Bogdan Bogdanovic. Bogdanovic has been hyped by some on this site as being able to straight up Bodgan and he has lived up to it. He led the Kings to a franchise average 27 wins with 11.8 ppg, 2.9 reb, and 3.3 assist per game. Pretty impressive given the Kings were only projected to win 23 games by unanimous sources (think Steven A. Smith). While Simmons and Mitchell certainly deserve ROY consideration, my unbiased vote goes for Bogdanovic.

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To pick Bogdanovic, you need

To pick Bogdanovic, you need to be either biased or stupid. And you said it yourself : you're unbiased.

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looks like someone can't

looks like someone can't Bogdan

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Hell nah...

Hell nah...

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But can Simmons or Mitchell

But can Simmons or Mitchell bogdan? I didnt think so.

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Got to give it to him

Bogdan Krypt wears his Bogdan on his sleeve. Plus, he's still the only one reppin' the Krypts on this site!

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Great season by both Simmons & Mitchell

But in terms of the Award, no matter who is chosen for ROY, Bogdonovich should storm the stage, grab the ROY Trophy & announce:

"No one Bogdans Bogdan out of the Bogdan of the Year award"

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And then Malcolm Brogdan

And then Malcolm Brogdan grabs the award and says" what's u talkin' about Willis, no one Bogdans, Brogdan's award"

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That Bogdan kid can flat out

That Bogdan kid can flat out Bogdan

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I don't get it...

I don't get it...

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