Rodrique Beaubois = Rajon Rondo

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Rodrique Beaubois = Rajon Rondo

What do u think? they both have crazy long arms. both are quick. both were more of combo guards entering the league. however, beaubois is a great shooter unlike rondo.

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Well, I know it's easy to say he's gonna be like Rajan Rondo, but I doubt you have seen enough of him to actually make that assumption. However, he does look like a NICE prospect who will rise his stock and could get into the mid-late first round.

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They are similar

They are similar, but Rondo is a lot more flashy and has a higher basketball IQ.

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Rondo Comparison?

Is it just me or if i knew a guy wus gonna be the next Rondo and seeing the way Rondo balled this season wouldnt he be a lottery pick in a weak draft? If he wus truly going to be the next Rondo i could see him falling behind Rubio and Jennings because they should be studs. Anyone agree?

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I really like this kid. I

I really like this kid. I don't think he comes over right away, but teams are definitely intrigued by his game already. I think he's going to be an early to mid second rounder this year. Rondos biggest knock coming intro the NBA was his shot. He's vastly improved it and were finally seeing the player we thought he'd be.

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i like him....but im not

i like him....but im not taking him with a 1st rounder

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