Rockets 22 vs. Heat 22

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Rockets 22 vs. Heat 22

Earlier espn came out with an article saying that Tracy McGrady thinks that the Rockets' win streak was better. In my opinion, I totally agree. First of, the 07-08 season was a really competitive one, especially in the west. Plus, the southwest division was stacked that year with 4 teams made the playoffs. Also, to do it without one of their best player, Yao, for 10 more wins was even more challenging. And just to make the picture a bit more clear, the rockets key contributors for the season were tmac, Yao, skip to my Lou, battier, chuck Hayes, mutombo, head and scola.
What do you guys think? Is this big 3 roster reduce the accomplishment?

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Seeing as the heat won their

Seeing as the heat won their 23rd...

I do not think either of the 22 game streaks was more impressive, the Rockets imo had better support for their main players and the heat have better main players.

And what did you think Tmac would say? "Im gonna go with the Heat, I just love those guys so darn much" -Tmac

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This Heat team is clearly a

This Heat team is clearly a better team on paper than that Rockets team even with a healthy Yao Ming. Winning 22 straight without Yao Ming was in my mind more surprising. The Rockets did have one advantage on the Heat though in that they were just a solid playoff type team rather than the defending NBA champs. Every team is ready to face off against a top team in the league and the fact that the Heat have now won 23 straight games despite the fact people are gunning for them is quite impressive.

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Here are the stats on

Here are the stats on difficulty of schedule (just the 22 games for arguments sake)


Home games: 12
Away games 10

Under 500 teams: 11
Over 500 teams: 11


Home games: 15
Away games 7

Under 500 teams: 12
Over 500 teams: 10

The Heat def had a tougher schedule.

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The Rockets streak is more

The Rockets streak is more impressive from who they have played and their schedule but the Heat's is more impressive from a personnel point. LeBron has D-Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen etc. T-Mac had a lot of complimentary players and a 41 year old Mount Mutombo for over half the streak when Yao was out.

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Also the West has always been

Also the West has always been tougher than the East. The East has more mediorcre teams. The West had a few subpar team and even those subpar teams would make you work. Also I think people making this Miami sees everybody best into more than it is. I am sure that once you have a 10 or more winning streak, every team is playing the spoiler.

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I think we forget how brutal

I think we forget how brutal the West was that year, that was the year that the 8th seed was 50-32, and my dubs missed the playoffs at 48-34, but would've had home court in the East. And remember, Yao and T-Mac got hurt in the middle of that streak, I think that streak was every bit as impressive as this one.

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