Robbie Hummel

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Robbie Hummel

He has look really good in both summer league games so far, and seems to be the best player on the roster as of right now, I am hoping that MN decides to bring him in to fill their last roster spot.

He is a solid all around player who does one thing really well, and that is shoot. He can hit from anywhere on the floor in just about any fashion.

Have any of you been able to see him in action, and what do you think?

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Haven't seen much of him

since he was at Purdue. If he is the best player on the roster, you'd better pray. He's a light stretch 4, Brian Cardinal/Chris Copeland-type of player. Limited to hustle plays on D. No more than an 11-12th man on an NBA roster.

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What's more concerning is the

What's more concerning is the fact Shabzz has a tough time getting his shot off, I was fooled by another hoopmixtape regarding athletic ability. I thought he would be a dominate athlete but he just has great wingspan and is undersized and above average athlete.

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I personally didnt think he

I personally didnt think he looked like a dominant athlete, he looked like a good athlete but he didnt have the explosiveness of elite NBA players, he was crafty and used his strength, I only watched the first timberwolves game and I am going to watch the second one when it is on tv tomorrow, but he looked like a skilled player with average athleticism when compared to other NBA players. I think worst case he will jared dudley best case I dont really know, he is a hard worker but so are a lot of guys who are borderline NBA players. I just think we have to wait 2 or 3 years before we know how he will be, I still think he has the potential to make 2 or 3 all star games like Luol deng.

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Actually on his hoop mixtapes

Actually on his hoop mixtapes he looked like a great athlete. If you look at his high school highlights and look at him now, you can tell he gained some weight and is much bigger. He has lost a step athletically

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Robbie Hummel is my hero.

Robbie Hummel is my hero. He's not much of an NBA player...but he's my hero

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I want to see him make the

I want to see him make the league. He's put forth so much effort these past few years

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He's tall and an excellent

He's tall and an excellent shooter. If he wouldn't have blown out his knees he could have been a much better player, but even as he his now, I think he can find a role as an end of the bench situational 3 point shooter.

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