RJ Barrett

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RJ Barrett

Right. Without resorting to negs for the sake of negs...can someone explain to me the RJ Barrett hype?

Don’t get me wrong, he’s talented. But he also doesn’t meet a whole host of expectations I have for NBA prospects:

- Awful shooting splits (FTs and 3s especially)

- Low defensive playmaking stats and inconsistent effort

- High turnover rate

- Poor late game decision-making

Love his athleticism and passing potential, but he screams ‘good stats bad player’ in the big league. He tried to do too much practically every day of his college career and really didn’t need to with Zion on that roster. Seems like he has way more red flags than a good 5-7 prospects out there - and has the potential to go the way of Josh Jackson, Andrew Wiggins and so on.

What am I missing?

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I unfortunately don't think

I unfortunately don't think you're missing anything. He's going to be a high-usage, low-percentage, lots of numbers on a bad team type of a player.

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I disagree...I think Duke

I disagree...I think Duke actucally hurt his game. How many times did you see Coach K get in Rj azz for making bad decesions?? It's kind of like he let him do what he wanted. Cal would of yelled at his azz atleast...RJ dominated HS and dominated international play...he killed the USA team..I think with the right coach he'll prosper into something great...

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Well for a freshmen in the

Well for a freshmen in the ACC he was pretty dominant. 45% fg and 30% 3pt for a guy with absolutely no shot selection isnt that bad, especially considering he was never thought of as a shooter. The free throws gotta get better though, whats with these kids nowadays not perfecting their free throws?

I think it comes down to everyones expectations. I mean if you were expecting this guy to be the next Kobe Bryant or Tracy Mcgrady then yeah sure, red flags all around. Sound the alarm we got an issue here. But if you were expecting this guy to be the next Demar Derozan or Jimmy Butler I really see no reason to be concerned.

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i think his one on one game

i think his one on one game is not too spectacular. ALso surprised his shooting numebrs werent very good, 31% from three and 65% from ft. But he has good size for a wing and smoothness to his game. Good athlete who will do great in transistion. I do think he goes #3 but he has question marks like the handful of guys behind him and i dont think he is a sure thing. If his jumper becomes money, hes a safe pick.

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actually not sure why people think it's a 3 players draft. If anything, RJ goes in the same tier as the guys in the top 4 to 10.

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Look at Brandon Ingram and

Look at Brandon Ingram and Jason Tatums stats at Duke then RJ Barrett's. That's the hype.

The only reason his shooting was so bad is because Duke was so bad at shooting and he was their best shooter. People think Duke is what Alabama is to football, no. Their bench was abysmal. Cam reddish sucks and tre Jones can only play defense.

I know I will get negged by saying it but theirs no way Ja Morant should go ahead of him. Literally no one that plays like Ja (athletic or pass first PGs) has been close to a top 5 player in the league since 2011. The best players are all wings similar to RJ but every year guards get over drafted.

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Right now RJ is 3rd overall

Right now RJ is 3rd overall behind Zion and Ja. Who are the 5-7 better prospects than RJ? Which one of those guys should be drafted over RJ?

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RJ scored a lot of points but

RJ scored a lot of points but took a ton of shots. His shooting percentages were horrific. I don't see him as being a winner in the NBA. He will put up numbers with terrible shooting percentages in the league just like he did in college. Anybody who thinks Duke basketball is like Alabama football should be slapped. Both get elite high school talent, but unlike Duke, Alabama actually wins and plays for championships.

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Duke basketball is on a level

Duke basketball is on a level of it's own. UK is probably a distant 2nd, then Kansas despite some of the issues going on there. Win or lose, Duke is always the talk of the media and always on National TV and gets the most attention.

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Zion or no Zion, Duke brings

Zion or no Zion, Duke brings in the eyeballs. So yes, the comparison to Alabama is accurate.


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Thank you so much for asking this question. I was thinking the exact same thing! I really dont see what all the hypes about.

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Style wise, I think he could

Style wise, I think he could play in the way Harden does (without the HOF potential, outside shooting numbers, or definitely nowhere near the free-throw percentage). I think he can and already does a James Harden style of play. Which is an effective style. I just don’t think the numbers will ever let him be a top 10 player in the league. Maybe top 20. Good enough for the 3rd pick.

He draws a lot of fouls, does great with contact, and makes things happen. He hit 45% of his shots (above Harden’s career average). It’s actually solid for a guard. I do agree that he needs to be better from the line, especially since he draws so many fouls. He barrels right into traffic, but well. He’ll get the calls even more in the NBA. Even hitting 68% from the line is better than hitting 40% from 3 or 50% from 2. More valuable analytics-wise.

I think his 3 shot is better than his percentage indicates. It’s a decent looking shot, he’s a hard worker, and a smart guy. I think he’ll figure that out. He should be able to get to 75-78% from the line.

I think he’s a fine pick. My only trouble with him is that he will take up a lot of possessions. He’ll need to get better at kicking it out.

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I actually see Rodney Hood

I actually see Rodney Hood when I look at Barrett

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I see some Manu Ginobili in

I see some Manu Ginobili in him...

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Barrett is talented, and

Barrett is talented, and there are not 5-7 prospects better than him. The issue with him is that he always thinks he is the best option. When playing with Zion Williamson, late in close games where Zion was effective, Barrett kept the ball away from him. In as much as Barrett is good at getting his shot, and a pretty decent difficult shot maker which has value, he does not come off as knowing when it is right to do so. This is something that has been problematic with Devin Booker and Zach LaVine. Both Booker and LaVine are far more athletic and better pure shooters, but their status as career losers in part stems from thinking they are always the best option. Phoenix is not going anywhere if DeAndre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, and their pick this season do not develop into very good players. Booker has to play a role in incorportating them into an offense. The same goes for LaVine. In Minnesota, they needed Rubio running the point because the more the ball was in LaVine's hands, the less touches Towns got. In Chicago, the more LaVine has the ball, the less it does Dunn, Porter, Markkanen, and Carter. The Bulls aren't going anywhere unless Markkanen eventually gets to a point where he is on a Dirk/Aldridge/Bosh type level. They are not going anywhere unless Carter can be on a Domatas Sabonis like career arc. They are not going anywhere if they use Otto Porter like Washington did this past season. This is the problem with guys who are talented scorers, but are a level below elite with a mentality that trusts themselves above all others.

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