RIP Linsanity

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RIP Linsanity

I feel bad for him. He's gonna get abused by Westbrook defensively, offensively, athletically and physically. Heck, even Reggie Jackson can kill him. His best matchup is when the 38 year old Derek Fisher is on the floor.

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bro, that &$#%#&@! ended a

bro, that shit ended a year ago. its more like the death anniversary.

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I haven't watched much of

I haven't watched much of the Rockets this year, but so far tonight I've been impressed by the play of Patrick Beverley.. Is there any chance he could get more playing time somewhere going forward?

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Rocket's can't buy a bucket

Rocket's can't buy a bucket if they wanted to. Seems like the whole team is out of gas on defense. No offense + no defense = blowout loss.

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Why is Brooks not getting

Why is Brooks not getting more minutes? At least he isn't a walking turnover like Lin

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Brooks isn't

Getting minutes because of Beverley's emergence. When he came back to houston they were planning on him being in the rotation but obviously Patrick Beverly had other plans

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Jeremy Lin averaged 13, 6,

Jeremy Lin averaged 13, 6, and 3 in 32 minutes this year. I'm not trying to say he's still Linsanity, but people tend to forget he came off knee surgery. He had a very slow start to the season and he progressively improved over the season believe it or not. He had some huge games and honestly I expect him to average somewhere around 16 and 8 if not better next season. Keep in mind the Rockets like to push the ball and play up tempo so he should have his numbers inflate next season after another full training camp with a set roster (hopefully set) i.e. no big trades such as the Harden before the season and the mid-season Kings trade.

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Jeremy Lin is 1 reason I cant respect the NBA any more

His rise to fame was as manufactored as a Japaneese automobile. Glad the Knicks saw past the hype and refused to pay him. When his poison pill contract runs out he'll be backing up a Real PG or worst Patrick Beverly lol...

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Guys this was a young player

Guys this was a young player getting his first taste of NBA action and it is coming against the very dangerous Westbrook. If you haven't watched the Rockets all year you shouldn't be trying to judge of this game (and also where were you? The Rockets are super fun to watch, you should have been checking them on league pass at least once a week).

His rise to fame was totally a product of circumstances and the story. But remember he also single handedly saved New York's season last year. Remember he also scored more points in his first five starting games than any player in the history of the game (or maybe it is the modern game or some crazy stat like that (after he dropped 38 on the Lakers (hello Derek Fisher!) his per game points were crazy)).

He has proven to be a decent defender (great at steals) and a very creative passer. Plus he can take his man off the dribble. Watch how much he changes over the course of this series. You are going to a huge advancement in decisiveness.

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Lin dribbles really high and

Lin dribbles really high and he stops his dribble a whole lot. I also noticed that he isn't really adept at using his off-hand for dribbling. I've never really been a fan of his even though i'm Asian i'd rather have beverly starting actually and have lin come off the bench for extra scoring. Beverly is a really pesky defender a he shoots the three ball really well. Aaron brooks may also be better off starting because he is like a crawford type off player who can create shots and can got hot immediately so that harden could get some help..

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Pat Bev nice, I always

Pat Bev nice, I always thought he was good since his Arkansas days, just thought he left school a little too early...even tho everyone knows why he left.

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