REPORT: Mike Miller likely to sign with OKC

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REPORT: Mike Miller likely to sign with OKC

From the Wizard of Woj himself:

Adrian Wojnarowski @WojYahooNBA
Oklahoma City has emerged as a frontrunner to sign free agent Mike Miller, league sources tell Y! Sports.
19 minutes ago

What do you think of this signing? While I think Miller gives them much needed shooting, he is still injury prone and gets torched on defense.

As for how this impact the rest of the West, this still makes OKC more dangerous, as small-ball lineups with Durant at the 4 will be tough to stop for most teams. However, until I'm proven wrong, I still have to believe that the Spurs are still the best team in the West, as I see no holes in their game besides age.

Leave your thoughts below.

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Great fit and awesome role

Great fit and awesome role for him. Backup for Durant and 3point specialist. Miller has been hurt for awhile, but he is a very good and underrated role player when healthy.

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Well it's not a bad move but

Well it's not a bad move but I'm still looking for something else from OKC. Mainly a bigman who can be more effective than Perkins, which shouldn't be too hard but they seem like they are sold on Perkins (smh) But hey, good for Mike Miller. Maybe he'll leave his name for OKC this playoffs.

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I think Miller should

I think Miller should retire..the odds are that he won't play over 30 games with anyone.

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Miami's best lineup against

Miami's best lineup against the Spurs and Pacers was when the big 3 played with Allen and Miller to spread the floor. 2 fantasticly reliable 3pt shooters allowed miami to win the championship. Miami was actually a negative +- in the Spurs series with most other lineup combinations. Having those types of shooters is exactly why the Spurs made it to the finals. Without them, your star players are doubled constantly and not able to effectively do what they do. Just ask the Nets.

Fisher was supposed to fill this roll for OKC and Thabo has been doing it as a starter for the last 3-4 seasons. Neither are half the player Miller is even if he is often injured. Miller (33 years old) is in the last season or 2 of his "prime". As long as he's healthy for the playoffs this is an excellent signing.

It may seem small on the surface but Miller's outside shooting, skilled play and low maintanence attitude in a lineup changes an entire offense. I'm certain Miller will end up closing games in OKC (health permitting).

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Neither are half the shooter

Neither are half the shooter Miller is (although Sefalosha was well over 40% this season) but there's no way Mike Miller is twice the all-around player that Thabo Sefalosha is. Sefalosha is one of the top 5 wing defenders in the league and a solid 3pt shooter. Mike Miller can't guard anyone and he can't do just about anything off the dribble. I do like him though.

Also, when you're body is breaking down like Mike Miller's is it's usually a sign that you're NOT in your prime anymore.

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"twice the all-around player

"twice the all-around player that Thabo Sefalosha is"

While I agree that Sefolosha is a much better player, Sefolosha is nowhere near an all-around player. He's a 3-and-D player and that's it.

Miller (WHEN healthy, huge when) is a much better shooter from everywhere, not just the corner. He can shoot while defended and can extend 3-5 feet behind the three-point-line, which Sefolosha cannot.

Also, Miller averaged just 1 rebound less than Sefolosha in about half the minutes, he also averaged more assists than Sefolosha, again in half the minutes.

Miller is a better ball-handler than Sefolosha as well. While Sefo is a very good 3-and-D player, one of the best in the league; Miller is no slouch either.

Not saying that Miller is going to take a starting spot on OKC but when healthy (which he NEVER is), he's a much better all-around player than Sefo ever will be.

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it really makes no difference.. they need low post scoring, they wont get it and they wont win this year.

- Greek Baller

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Hate to see this as a Heat

Hate to see this as a Heat fan. Have much love for all that Miller has done for us over the last few years and am still cut up about him being amnestied.

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