Report : Lebron wants to finish his career in LA

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Report : Lebron wants to finish his career in LA

per Joe Vardon from The Athletic, despite all the drama going on, Lebron has no desire to leave and wants to finish his career in LA. Intelligent on his part to begin the recruiting. Maybe he knows someone is coming to the Lakers this summer, but most likely he and his family simply love LA lifestyle. I hope he will be at the those free agents meetings though, he isn't known for doing that in his career, but this summer is simply too important.

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I always love looking forward

I always love looking forward to a daily Lakers post on here - wonder what sort of interesting news it will be tomorrow. Maybe Jeanie Buss might change the colour of her lipstick......

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LeBron loves LA. Too bad for

LeBron loves LA. Too bad for him it’s not reciprocated. Interestingly, that doesn’t bother him much.

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Well he's under contract

Well he's under contract there for another 3 seasons and to ask for a trade would make his decision to join the Lakers look stupid plus the Lakers wouldn't likely trade him given the amount of merch he sells.

When his Laker deal finishes he'll be 37 and given the amount of mileage he'll have on the clock then I could see him likely retiring unless Kareem's point record was within immediate reach.

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If my boss asked me if I

If my boss asked me if I wanted to finish my career with the company I would say yes, as would any rational-thinking human. But if I found something better I'd leave despite what I previously told my boss. It's business, you say the right things to the right people. This isn't news.

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I think

He wants to play with his son and being in LA he can be around his son more often and if his son choose a school like UCLA or other school near LA he can be there to watch his son grow. Bronny jr

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Just like kobes last 3 years

Allows him to jack up his individual stats, and not have to worry about winning.

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