Refs in the Rockets-Warriors game

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Refs in the Rockets-Warriors game

Did anyone see the end of this game? I’m just curious how the “best refs in the world” can miss KD taking 3 steps 2 feet out of bounds with 2 refs having a clear line of sight right at him

I know this gets posted every couple of weeks but deservedly so, these refs need to start being held more accountable. This one is a borderline fireable offense

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Curry and Harden took 38

Curry and Harden took 38 combined threes in that game.

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I hate how much the NBA

I hate how much the NBA protects their refs. Players & coaches get fined for even mentioning them, but when they miss blatant calls that can have a major effect on the outcome of the game all we get is a report that they were wrong. They should be subject to reprimand too. Do they get fined or fired if they're not up to par, because I haven't seen any accountability on their end.

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Who had one of the best scores according to NBA sabermetrics used to self regulate referees on accuracy? Mike Donaghy.

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