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This is pathetic; Technical fouls are being handed out way to easily and with almost no consistency now that this respect for the game rule was instituted. Take for example Demarcus Cousins tonight, close to the end of the third quarter the ball is tipped out of bounds by Jason Terry and the official standing right next to him calls it Mavs ball, Cousins points at the ground saying that it was Terry who tipped it and then puts his hands up and jogs away in frustration, and consequently receives a technical foul. I have no problem with them calling this technical except that earlier in the game Jason Terry had the exact same reaction except he was slightly more animated and the refs did nothing. On to later in the game, Tyreke is at the free throw line and as he shoots the ball, and makes it, Cousins and Tyson Chandler and trying to gain position for the rebound, neither player takes offence to the other, neither one says anything to the ref standing right in front of them, and both just seem to be going about their business when out of nowhere the ref standing at midcourt calls a double technical on Cousins and Chandler, causing Cousins to be thrown out of the game with the Kings down by two with less than a minute left and Cousins having had the hot hand. Everyone seems to be bewildered at what had just happened, leading me to my point. This game is just one example of the horrible consistency and validity of many of the technical fouls called this year, should the NBA do more to ensure fair and reasonable officiating instead of always siding with the refs?

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They say only the bad teams complain about calls but from what i see the small market Kings are getting screwed every single game.... its like the people at the top are trying to keep them at the bottom... remember the Steve Nash vs Jason Thompson incident... Thompson got mad at a bad call shifted his feet and just said something like cmon man and got a T... Nash was all over the ref. saying what he did wasnt wrong for like 8 seconds and no T...

All im asking for is just to call it fair you dont have to put all the fouls on one team or give just one team all the techs just call it fair and dont give T's for your own mistakes refs.

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Close game but not too disappointed.

Kings should of won that game. Cousins is a man they should worry next time they play.It was faith that they lost and it will be faith that will lead them to the first one pick in the nba draft.

One soldier away from blowing up and going back to the playoff.

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the techs are out of hand this year

i understand the nba wanting to get rid of all the whining and yelling at refs but the amount of thechs being called is out of hand and most of them arent even warranted ive saw d howard get techs called for starring at a ref give me a break

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I don't expect every call to

I don't expect every call to be right but one thing I ask of every ref is consistency.

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NBA style of officiating is wack

It is terrible that the best league in the world has some of the worst officiating and rules. The refs are grown men, they can take a little bit of arguing from players when they make a bad call. NBA, quit babying the refs. These are grown men and they should be allowed to at least say their piece if they disagree with a call. Geez in hockey the refs watch the players fight, and in soccer you can basically rip the refs head off, but in the nba you can't make a small gesture of distaste or say one word without getting t'd up... that is bs my friends.

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Perception and respect

Perception and respect amongst officials goes along way in this league sadly, Terry probally knows that ref, probally talked to him after many games, talked to him about his game, what he can do to stay out foul trouble etc. Cousins on the hand hasnt earned that respect in this league and has alot of shutting up to do before he gets that respect, until he shuts up hes on a short leash due to the medias perception of him, his teams noted disciplines and certain body langauge/tantrums weve seen in past games.

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