Recent NFL mega trade got me thinking

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Recent NFL mega trade got me thinking

To get you caught up to speed

The Tennessee Titans just traded the #1 Overall Pick in the 2016 NFL draft to the St.Louis/LA Rams for a Ton of Draft Picks...

Now these are clearly different sports and situations entirely but it got me thinking...

What would you do if you won the NBA lottery only to be offered several picks by a Boston or Philadelphia?

What would you do if you were Philadelphia and the Celtics were offering the Brooklyn pick along with a boat load of picks to sweeten the deal?

Teams like Boston and Philadelphia have all the ammunition in the world to trade up and land the Top Pick(If Philly again misses out and the Brooklyn pick falls out of the Top 3)

And IMO they both could use a Top Pick(Boston to really push them to the head of the pack in the East again,and Philly to simply end their long line of bad luck in the draft)

I mean, any team could offer a King's ransom for the #1 Overall Pick...

My question to you guys is, would you listen to any of these potential trade offers?

Like, If a Boston were to offer your team Brooklyn's pick(tOp 5) and a ton of picks in 2017 and 2018 for Ben Simmons, what do you do?

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The only way

the only way I think that works is if it's a team like the sixers and they offer their first round pick got the next year which will still be very high. The reason being is because like you said football and basketball are two different sports with two different dynamics. Where in football unless you land a superstar qb one lawyer won't really drastically alter your team via draft, however one draft pick, the lebrond kobes etc could change your team immediately or change the outlook of your team at the minimum. Therefore, those late first rounders the sixers or Boston has doesn't hold the same weight as first or second pick especially if you think they are franchise players. Where in football you can get quality players even if the fourth round to bolster your roster. Some picks even in the late lottery don't add that type of value.

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The reason you can have that

The reason you can have that kind of trade in the NFL is because you still find good talent in Round 7. In the NBA you're lucky if you find someone decent outside of the first round. The NFL is so deep that there are more picks to be thrown around than just the 2 rounds in the NBA Draft.

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Just to add to what you said

The other thing too is in the NFL you can often win with quantity over quality. If you give up a star player in the NFL but get back three decent starters, you can win the trade. In the NBA you almost never win with quantity. If you give up the best player, you often lose a trade big time in the NBA.

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With all the draft picks the

With all the draft picks the Sixers have been acquiring I actually thought they were trying to build a football team !!!

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NBA drafts tend to be really

NBA drafts tend to be really top heavy so it wouldn't work in the NBA. If you trade a 1st overall pick you need either a great prospect or a great player in return to make up for it. In the NFL getting a 1st rounder is the equivalent of getting another lottery pick in the NBA. There's a lot of talent to be found in the 1st and 2nd round. NBA drafts don't have nearly as many people that pan out so to me the picks unless they are a top 5 pick aren't really worth it.

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The NFL Draft is so different

The assumed top two picks (Wentz, Goff) aren't even the top two players overall in the draft. Best player available doesn't necessarily work the same way as in the NBA.

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