Really Close Start To The Season

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Really Close Start To The Season

Its been a tight match throughout league and it seems most teams are competitive. I was looking at the beggining of the week power rankings and Toronto was ranked 6th with a record of 7W and 5L which shocked me yet the Knicks were ranked 19th with the same 7 and 5 record. However the Raptors did have a 7 game west road trip and just lost to the Celtics on the road on brick buzzer beater by derozan I wouldnt say watching them so far this year I saw the 6th best team in the league.I really enjoy seeing the league competitive like this but can we expect this to continue?

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I think the people doing these Power Lists are mainly

working off their Own (or their Colleagues) Pre-season predictions

Now over the course of a season stronger deeper teams like the Raptors will rise to the top of the Conference

And the Knicks & other middling teams will gradually descend

But what is Wrong w/ pumping up thse fan bases & fans in general by creating some debate & some Buzz!

They have the Pistons & Magic near the Top - which is well earned

Put the Knicks in that Top 15 too

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Are the Raptors one of the

Are the Raptors one of the deeper teams? They have no quality bench players outside of CJ Miles who isn't exactly a 6th man of the year candidate.

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I hope it can continue. An

I hope it can continue. An even competition is good for the NBA. If all teams are in with a shot at the playoffs late in the season, all fan bases will be involved. Some of these starts are probably unsustainable, and others are one injury away from derailing. Like you, I'm just enjoying it while it lasts.

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I think we will get some more

I think we will get some more separation soon.

The Warriors are already streaking. The Celtics look great and haven't lost in weeks. I think they play each other this week...

Rockets are firing on all cylinders.

I think these are your Big Three.

Now, I wanna see who separates themselves in that mid-tier range. The Cavs with LeBron are always a threat. I can see OKC putting something together.

The Bucks look good, Giannis looks GREAT (although WHY are defenders playing up on him???), and they haven't lost since they acquired Eric Bledsoe. Other than that they beat the Grizz in front of a MAYBE half full lower bowl arena (the FoxSports telecast basically showed an empty upper tier), and they look like a solid 3rd or 4th seed.

Knickzingas looks good. They are contending for one of those lower seeds.

Simmons-Embiid is on a run. One of the best young-big combos in efficiency or something since Shaq and Penny (the internet said it, I promise). Maybe it would be like having Magic and Kareem -- if BOTH were on rookie contracts.

Detroit: Probably for real, although maybe not a 2 seed. Solid guard play, Tobias Harris is scoring, and Andre Drummond is doing his thing. I don't see BOTH non-superstar-led upstarts (Pistons and Magic) getting really high seeds. I think they might end up in that 3-6 matchup that is always interesting.

Grizzlies: Started off hot. Now we look banged up. And, Mike Conley can't get by ANYBODY or hit many shots. Not so long ago, those high level point guards didn't last too long. I think Isiah Thomas only played 11 or 12 years. Conley is up to 10 right now, and he is a little guy. If the wheels are starting to fall off, it could be a long year. After a hot start, Marc Gasol looks a little gassed. The bench is going gangbusters -- maybe that reverts to the mean.

Clippers, Hornets, Jazz, and maybe some other teams who kinda started off pretty well but aren't super, super talented, I think those guys are danger of falling back a bit.

Nuggets are a super wild card team. Maybe they finish 3rd. Maybe they finish out of the playoffs.

Pelicans look like the one genuine toss-up team to make/not make the playoffs and it probably goes down to the wire.

Blazers: their backcourt is explosive and can put up points in a hurry but if either McCollum or Lillard goes down for an extended period of a time (or even 5 or 6 games in a row here and there) it could end up being a lost season in the Pacific Northwest.

Right now, the only teams that you can REALISTICALLY eliminate from the playoff race are the Hawks, Bulls, Mavericks, and Kings.

Pretty soon, either the Suns and/or Lakers and the Nets will probably be eliminated (maybe even the Clippers) but that's about it right now...

The league doesn't have a TON of bad teams right now, and, while it is probably more top heavy than most think, there ARE a lot of interesting story lines, and there ARE a lot of talented, competitive teams.

In the next few weeks I think we will find out if there are any teams that will join the Big Three (Rockets, Warriors, Celtics), if the Sixers/Knicks are for real, and, to a lesser extent, the Nuggets/T Wolves out West, and if the Pistons can turn this thing into a Big Four. Cavs/Thunder look like the two superstar-led squads that have underperformed early but can turn it around and really get it going soon. The Wizards don't have the best record but should be right there the whole way, make the playoffs and all that, even if they don't win as many regular season games as they should.

Those Bottom Teams will probably start super-tanking as the college season gets underway.

The Pacers could probably go either way here: get it together for a nice 3 or 4 game winning streak and put themselves in the race -- OR they sorta unravel, regress, and then start semi-tanking.

I am counting 10 teams with an even semi-realistic chance at winning the NBA title this season -- or at least make it to the Finals (and I can probably eliminate at least 3 or 4 of these squads relatively soon):











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