Real Madrid extends Mirotic through 2016

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Real Madrid extends Mirotic through 2016

I've also heard his buyout now will be $2.5 mil.

How does this affect his draft position?

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No clue

Probably means he may be taken lower, and it more than likely means that whatever teams drafts him has to wait at least a couple years before he comes to the league. Nonetheless, he is still only 20 years old, and more than likely could use a couple years of seasoning under his belt before becoming an NBA contributor. By the time his contract would end, he would be 25 or so, though I have a feeling he comes to the NBA in the 22-24 range. Again, with these contracts it is difficult to know exactly how much the buyout is, and there usually tend to be clauses that allow players to leave for the NBA at a certain point, much like the one we constantly heard about with Rubio. My guess is that while Mirotic has had a great year in Euroleague, that he is still is around a mid to late first round pick, probably now slotted for a team that can wait for him to come over in the late first. He is a great shooter for his size, though I feel if you want him as a PF, you are cooked. See his future as more than likely being a perimeter guy, and think he will struggle mightily on defense.

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