Rasheed to the Cavs/Zach Randolph is the backup plan for the Cavs - Slam Online

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Rasheed to the Cavs/Zach Randolph is the backup plan for the Cavs - Slam Online

by J. Gamble

"My sources say that Rasheed Wallace and the Cavs are beginning talks on a two-year deal worth about $10 million per for the services of the former Piston. The move and negotiations were inspired by Dwight Howard’s dominant performance over Cleveland’s big men in the Eastern Conference Finals. And Wallace will be brought in for that very purpose, to neutralize Dwight Howard next season and help the Cavs get over the hump.

This supports what we previously reported about what it will take for Sheed to come back next year.

If this signing falls through, I’m hearing that Cleveland may do a sign and trade with the Clippers for Zach Randolph, which certainly makes sense for the Clippers since they are taking Blake Griffin No. 1 overall."


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the cavs

I would rather have Zach randolph he gives them a low post presence and he has a good 12 to 15 foot jump shot i like Rasheed he is an better defender and rebounder but he ain't stopping Dwight howard

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Who would want either

They are both low character players, you cant rely on guys like them;. They are skilled but that doesnt equal success, The only way they should take either is if they can steal one of them and not pay or give up much.

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CAVS in Trouble

Randolph isn't that bad put a real coach, leader on a team with and he'll be fine. The guy can score anywhere, he might play soft defense but so do a lot of guys in the NBA. Don't go by what he did with the Knicks they were awful before he got there and after too. Rasheed Wallace is 35 now, doesn't post up much and barks at the refs way too much. Its doubtful the Cavs get much help in the offseason basically the Cavs have no one besides LeBron for opposing teams to worry about.

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Randolph not a good fit for the cavaliers, Wallace pretty good

randolph doesnt fit in well with the cavs because he is a player who wants the ball alot and with mo williams a shoot first point guard and lebron scoring 29 a game it wont work out. Randolph is a very good scorer but he usually wants between 15 and 17 attempts a game. He might average 9-10 boards a game but he is not a defensive stopper. He has never averaged over a steal or block a game in any season of his career. Wallace is a better fit because he is more focused on the defensive end and takes less shots a game. Rasheed Wallace fits well with cleveland because Ben Wallace is also on the team and they team up well as shown in past years.

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Why not Elton Brand? I'm

Why not Elton Brand? I'm sure the 76ers are dying to have that one over again.

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Randolph to Cavs

I'd hate to lose 20 and 10 but who could the Clips get for Randolph?

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Ben Wallace's expiring

Ben Wallace's expiring contract for Randolph would work. I'm sure the clip would jump at that offer.

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The Cavs

The Cavs don't have 10 million in cap space to give to Rasheed.

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would retire as soon as he got traded! Wallace has already hinted that retirement is a likely option. I like the option of Wallace backing up griffin. he will teach griffin about defense.

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