Rashad Vaugh is my pick

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Rashad Vaugh is my pick

Almost every year since I joined in 2012 I favorite a SG prospect that is not commonly liked throughtout the year (until draft time) and I constantly support them via nbadraft

2012: Terrence Ross

2013: CJ McCollum, Kentavious Caldwell Pope

2014: Blank



As you guessed my pick is Rashad Vaughn, who I have been following since HS days and lways thought he would be a good NBA player, unfortunately injuries hampered.

Has all the tools to be a good shotting guard in the league. He has a shooters touch and that allows him to shoot the ball in all kinds of ways; coming off screens, pull ups, fade aways and pick and pick and rolls. He needs to add muscle but he's overall a good athlete with great size for a SG and quick on his feet. Although a shooter at heart, he scores inside using crafty layup/floater or explode for a dunk.

He has been injured a couple times this season, most notably at the end of the season, but he is averaging 17.8pts 4.8rebs 1.6ast, .383 3p% on 6.1 attempts.

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i think he could be a

i think he could be a sleeper...he's a kid with alot of upside..he's just 18 and wont be 19 until august..

i wouldnt be surprised to see him going in late teens to late 1st round..becuz of his offensive versatility...i mean he's an aggressive scorer,capable of creating his own shot,has a mid-range game,scoring off the dribble and catch & shoot...a good athlete and defender...

but he needs to work on moving without the ball and his shot selection..he's the type of shooting guard memphis could use...he reminds me of terry teagle...

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I think Vaughn certainly compares to Ross and Pope; not that you were comparing. I could see him going in the early 20's. Dallas, Portland, Cleveland and Chicago look like potential landing spots. Depends on if Devin Booker falls and where RJ Hunter go. Are you saying you like Vaughn more that Hunter and Booker? I certainly don't.

Also, why no favorite last year? You didn't like Stauskas or LaVine?

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what is so special about him?

what is so special about him? i guess he's an ok shooter, but i think his shot selection mitigates some of that shooting ability. also 70% from the line makes me question the purity of his stroke. his dimensions don't stand out, neither does his athleticism. he doesnt have good length and he's a 2 foot jumper with a below average first step by NBA wing standards. on top of that, he has no stand out intangibles. imo, he's a low bball iq player who doesnt know how to play without the ball, which is why he tried to promote himself as a PG coming out of high school/prep ball. he looks like a dime a dozen wing who likes to put up shots but doesnt bring much else to the table. i think he's rightfully slotted in the 2nd round.

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I just worry about young guys

I just worry about young guys that go late first - second round (that's where he's projected). Not that he doesn't have talent, but those guys more often than not get lost because they're not ready to contribute right away so they get burried and no playing time and never really get a chance to impress and when their contract is up the team moves on and they just become another guy who gets lost.

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I agree completely. Vaughn

I agree completely. Vaughn was a top 10 HS recruit and he overachieved at UNLV. I view him as a top 20 pick.

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He could be a very good

He could be a very good scorer for a team. There's a lot of Brandon Roy there in terms of scoring assuming he can work on shit selection and decision making. Short wingspan has me bit worried though. I expect he will at the least end up similar to Tim Hardaway JR.

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