Rashad McCants Heading Straight To The NBA D-League Is No Sure Thing

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Rashad McCants Heading Straight To The NBA D-League Is No Sure Thing

Rashad McCants Heading Straight To The NBA D-League Is No Sure Thing

This is not what I mean by the D-League.

This is not what I mean by the D-League.

When Rashad McCants was signed by the Dallas Mavericks earlier this week, it was largely suggested that he would soon be headed to play for the Texas Legends under the NBA Development League's new allocation rule.

Marc Stein reported that "McCants and Williams are both expected to sign with the Texas Legends -- who will be coached by Nancy Lieberman and who are co-owned by Mavs president Donnie Nelson -- after clearing waivers next week."

Rob Mahoney wrote at ProBasketballTalk that "The Mavs didn't ink those deals and then change their minds over the course of a few days; Donnie Nelson undoubtedly had his eye on the Texas Legends, the Mavs' D-League affiliate which he co-owns with Evan Wyly and soon-to-be-co-owner Sonny Xiao."

But then McCants, along with agent Lindsey Maxwell, seemingly became unhappy with not getting a shot at actually earning a roster spot with the Mavericks and are now not entirely sure of joining the D-League after Stein previously reported that McCants had plans to join the D-League draft.

"We are disappointed that it didn't work out with them and we look forward to Rashad getting a REAL shot at making it back into the NBA," Maxwell wrote in a e-mail to me while reporting for FanHouse. "He is the best free agent in basketball that is available right now. He is in the best shape of his life and his shot making ability is better than ever."

"If he decides to go to the D-League, he will have to play for that team," Maxwell continued. "I can't speak as to Dallas' motives, but (McCants) did not get much of a chance to 'compete for a roster spot' as Dallas had announced a couple of days ago. Right now, all of his options are open and he and his family have not yet arrived at any decisions."

So, uh, this might backfire.

The end.

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I met him when he was JUST A FRESHMAN. It was at against UM in Miami, but I new who he was. I was just 9. I brought him a ball like an hour before the game in warmups to sign. Jackie Manuel, Raymond Felton, Jawad Williams, Sean May came over to me, I didnt even call them, and signed when they saw the others doing it. I only knew Mccants at the time, and Called him over when he was close. He said one second, ill be right there. I stood there for like half an hour.

Was kind of a jerk. Hell of a ball player, but never really been a nice guy so im not surprised. Teams arent looking for egos to fill their 15th roster spot, but somebody will pick him up during the year if a scorer gets hurt. No question he is an NBA talent.

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nail on the head canesboy

imo you are exactly on about mccannts hes got a huge ego for someone who at best is a tenth man in the league he def has the ability to be on an nba roster but his ego doesnt let him accept the role he should be playing hes just not as good as he thinks he is if he really wanted to make it go to the d league bust your azz then get a call up

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