Rashad McCants dad blasts Roy Williams...on Facebook

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Rashad McCants dad blasts Roy Williams...on Facebook

UNC Bonus

A UNC fan using the Larry Drew II situation to heckle Larry Drew I

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McCants' pops must have

McCants' pops must have forget when his son was the 14th pick playing next to KG and couldn't get it done.

Anyway, Larry Drew should go to USC, Kansas St or Cal

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Rashad has no one to blame

but himself! He's the one that didn't show up for Cavs mini-camp- was suppose to go to China- and never made down to the D-league team. Sometimes you have to realize that not everyone is out to get you! Rashad had his chances to be in the league and he blew them.

Roy got Rashad a national championship and got him picked 14th!

Even now the McCants think Roy is the reason Rashad isn't in the league- SAD

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