Raptors hire Nick Nurse

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Raptors hire Nick Nurse

So the Raptors promoted the assistant coach. From what I read he called a large amount of the offensive plays..yea, that really worked out for them...I don't see this team improving because of this hire. thoughts?

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It apparently came down to

It apparently came down to nurse and ettore Messina. While Messina would have been an interesting hire, nurse has been groomed as Casey’s potential successor for some time now, and was probably always the most realistic candidate. He has continuity with the current roster and was largely responsible for overhauling their offense last season, which worked incredibly well in the regular season at least. He’s not a household name and sure there will be skeptics, but he probably deserves a chance. We’ll see if he can get this team to take that next step that Casey couldn’t. Their window seems to be closing pretty fast.

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Nick Nurse has coached all

Nick Nurse has coached all over Europe, in the NCAA, D-League and as an NBA Assistant, so he is due a crack at the top job.

Messina again had an outstanding Head Coaching record in Europe before he came to the Spurs and at 58 years old would surely be after a Head NBA job sooner rather than later. But with Gregg Poppovich now in his 70th year and having Team USA commitments too Ettore is likely taking a more active role in the Spurs. Also I wonder if Popps and Burford have anointed him as Popps likely successor so he might hold fire there. Or even other teams feel that if they appoint him and whenever Popps retires or moves to just a Front Office role that Ettore might want to jump ship back to the Spurs.

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