Rapid changes in opinion - site mock

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Rapid changes in opinion - site mock

I made a post about the Bruno Fernando's peculiar rise to #4 on the site's mock draft about a week ago and as of the newest mock draft, he has fallen back down to 12. On the other side of things, Aric Holman has rapidly risen to 21 while Nickeil Alexander-Walker has found himself sitting up at #5.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the lack of consistency in opinion is a worry to me in terms of the website's legitimacy when it comes to mock drafts. How are you supposed to follow the opinions of the site if they are so sporadic?

I'd love to see an explanation to these rapid changes.

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Mock drafts don't really

Mock drafts don't really matter until after the real draft order comes out anyway this far from draft I think sometimes these type of sites just throw stuff out there to be different from the other ones.

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This site is forum only

I use this site for the forum and always have. I put 0 stock in their (the sites) mocks and opinions. I take much more heed from the collective opinions of our longtime posters. Just saying.

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if you've followed this site

if you've followed this site for the past decade, you would notice they constantly move players around based on how well they r playing and their performances during the season......i remember a few years ago the site had kyle anderson ranked in the top 5...

But usually after workouts and by the time of the draft they display a consistent and more accurate mock..And last year aran was nearly flawless with his lottery predictions...

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Not to white knight Aran or

Not to white knight Aran or anything, but this is far from the only site whose mock changes drastically from month to month. This site is pretty par for the course as far as updates go IMO. Also keep in mind it’s early in the NCAA season, and top players are bound to go through hot and cold stretches. That’s what makes it fun! It’ll all sort itself out come May/June. If you’re worried about the site’s credibility, I’d point to the results of this past draft, where Aran got an insane number of picks exactly right.

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Whoever does the mock has no

Whoever does the mock has no insight nor connections to think what the GM's think. You can clearly see by how inconssitiant it is. No diffrence from you and I creating a mock and posting it.

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One reason. This website have

One reason. This website have some users. To give some substance to the users, they change the mockdraft. I do not think this is a real mockdraft right now, I think they change it to make us talk and it works...

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