ranking teams for the 2010 2011 season

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ranking teams for the 2010 2011 season

1 miami 66 games next season then lebron ,wade ,and bosh they actulally have a pretty decent cast
2 lakers 58 games the have the same cast and they probably will have the same result
3 okc 57 games durant will just keep getting better and westbrook too gr8t supporting cast the team of the future yet how are they suppouse too sign all these guys over the next couple of years
4orlando 57 games same team just better team then miami but not better players then miami i cant wait till the eastern confrence finals when you see orlando and miami and you it kinda of reminds me of sacramento and the lakers when the kings had a monster team and the lakers had shaq and kobe in their prime and of cousre the superstars won maybe diffrent outcome this time
5 now i can make a argument for placing the next 8 teams since this is the next brackett off gr8t teams it just matters if healthy
5 denver i think its a contract yr for melo whatch him step up this yr 55 games
6 portland if healty they will win 55 games if not 4which they havent been that healty in yrs for this core so you dont know there full stregth
7 the bulls they added boozer i would say 54 to as low as 47 i want to see how this team gells together should be intresting though
8 houston is a wild card since if yao ming can come back into full form and not get hurt the can win 58 games i belive yet i think he will only play 4 50 games this year so i think they will win 45 games
9 utah they added al jefferson lost boozer i think they will win 46 games this year
10 dallas , dirk is getting older but not too old i think they win 46 games this yr too
11 atlanta i think they are a upcoming team so did joe johnson too sign back with them i say they win 48 games this yr
12 boston they getting older adding shaq actually slows them down which isnt good haha i say they win 45 games the yr
13 this is the next brackett i think these are the teams that are getting old are starting to rise
13 the bucks adding magette will only add to this teams scoring i say 44 games
14 bobcats they lost felton i think mr wallace and mr jackson will do enough for this team i say 43 games
15 the knicks they added amare ok thats good but not good enough there team is ok and wont get much better since the new collective bargning agreement which will make a hard cap and not make this team better so i say 37 games
16 san antonio yes they and splitter but duncan is getting old i would say he is going to retire in the next 2yrs and leave the game when he still looks good compared to shaq i say they win 40 games
17 memphis i think they will win win 37 games this yr rudy will avg 23 ppg this yr too
18 the clipps will win 36 games due to blake griffin in the line up
19 the kings tryeke and cousins if tryeke worked on his shot and cousins matures over the season i would say as high as 41 games as low as 31 games since they have a way eay scheldule this yr
20 hornets added trevor arisa yet i think chris paul will be traded at the trade deadline i say 32 games
21 the wizards blatche and wall a combo like evans and cousins they should win 33 games this yrs but up and coming
22 the nets adding troy murphey will help aa bit i put them at 25 games this yr
23 76ers adding hawes i think if they play him at the 4 he will avg finally 15 pts a game i think they will also win 25 this yr
24 the pacers they added dc i thin they have potentail of getting 40 games yet i think relisticly they should also win 25 games this yr
25 the suns they should do ok in my mind they most people think wow nash and hedo and childrress but i think nash will be traded out of there duriing the deadling childress hasnet played in the nba for a couple yrs and hedo played terrable last yr i put them at 24 games this yr but might get to 35 if their lucky
26 gstate curry will avg 25 pts and lee will put up good numbers too monta will be traded and the rest of the d leaguers wont help this cast accoplish anything except for scoring 110 pts pr game while giving up 120 22 wins
27 the raptors i dont seeing them doing much of anything demar will improve though i think they will win 20 games this season
28 clevland i think they dont know what hit them after lebron left rebulding process needs to happend soon hickson will be a deffntie britght spot jaimson will demand a trade since he is getting sick of being on &$#%#[email protected]! teams and wants to win 19 games
finally we have the worst team next yr detroit they will win 15 games next season since i bet prince will be traded for draft pics and and hamliton and tracy will be hurt in fact if that happens which is a defftine possabilty i think they will win 8 to 11 games next yr luckly for the bottom 5 the draft is a excellent draft next yr


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also for rookie of the yr
j1ohn wall avg 16 pts 7.5 ast 4.5 rebs

2blake griffin 15 , and 8.9 rebs

3cousins 14 pts and 9 rebs
5splitter 12 pts and 7 rebs
5 johnson wesley 15 pts , 4 rebs

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