Ranking the NBA Point Guards?

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Ranking the NBA Point Guards?

How do you rank the current NBA Point Guards after the first 3 quarters of the season is over? I'm going to try to do it by tiers and number. I'm also leaving out unfortunate situations like the injured Mike Conley/Isaiah Thomas/Reggie Jackson who is kind of hard to guage after missing so much time, but would more than likely be at least in the All-Star type tier when healthy.

Superstar Tier: (Top guys at the position)

1. Stephen Curry - In my eyes he just barely edges the more versitile Brodie because his offensive efficiency is in a class of its own.

2. Russell Westbrook - He just won MVP last year and is still playing at an extremely high level despite playing on a team that could use 3 basketballs on the court at one time.

Near SuperStar Tier: (Guys generally good enough for 2/3rd team All-NBA)

3. Chris Paul - Tough for me to drop the Point God out of the above tier but it's seems like hes starting to slow down a bit.

4. Kyrie Irving - Definitely playing some of the best ball of his life this season, though I kind of expected higher averages for him in this offense, which does nothing to deter his ranking to me honestly.

5. John Wall - This 4 to 6 range is a huge jumble for me as its honestly hard for me to pick any of these guys over the other, I'm also giving Wall some credit back as it seems like injuries have been a big reason for his slump this season.

6. Damian Lillard - Portlands on a huge streak and hes probably playing the best he ever has on the defensive end. Hard not to put him ahead of Wall and Irving right now.

All-Star Tier: (Probably won't get an All NBA selection but likely bench all stars)

7. Kemba Walker - Really good player lost on a some how really bad team.

8. Kyle Lowry - His numbers are down but the Raptors have adopted a totally new philosphy which he has adapted too very well.

9. Goran Dragic - Probably the best player on a strangely constructed team. Might not have been an All-Star without all the injuries but hes earned it.

Above Average Starter Tier: (Non All-Stars too good to be considered just role players)

10. Ben Simmons - Probably my bias but oh well hes had a great impact on a playoff team as a rookie.

11. Jrue Holiday - Well he is playing SG mostly this season but until Rondo sustains his decent play for more than a season I'm slotting him with the PG and thanks to his recent play he slots right here.

12. Eric Bledsoe - Playing really well as the 3rd option for the Bucks.

13. Tyreke Evans - Finally playing up to his potential???????????

Role Player / Talented Youngster Tier:

14. Dennis Schroder - I can't decide if he's a good permanent solution for the Hawks at PG or if his numbers are just inflated due to getting a lot of run on a bad team...

15. Jeff Teague

16. Dennis Smith Jr.

17. Jamal Murray - Weird role as he plays more of a shooting guard than a point guard with Jokic pretty much being point center.

18. Lonzo Ball

19. Ricky Rubio

20. Kris Dunn

21. George Hill - He has to play himself back up these rankings after his poor showing with the Kings the first half of the season.

22. Spencer Dinwiddie

23. Elfrid Payton

24. DeAaron Fox

Bench Player Tier: (These guys are or probably should be coming off the bench)

25. Darren Collison - Always plays decent as a starter but doesn't give you much extra.

26. Patty Mills

27. Milos Teodosic - Doesn't look like a full time NBA starting PG in this era of basketball but a really dope distributor.

28. Emmanuel Mudiay - Could easily be in the talented youngster tier or the out of the nba tier within a year or so... Maybe the trade will be what he needs and the Knicks seem to want to find out.

29. DJ Augustin - Career back up, filling in after the Elfrid Payton trade.

30. Ish Smith - Career back up, replacing Reggie Jackson.

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Just as a follow up for the Holiday/Rondo SG/PG thing, if I did drop off Holiday and include Rondo, I'd probably end up throwing him right below Spencer Dinwiddie and ahead of Payton.

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