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Ranking by Category

Format taken from...http://nbadraft.net/nba-draft-top-5-lists-0#comment-480942.
Most Athletic: Nerlens Noel
There is physical specimen and then there is an athletic specimen, Nerlens Noel is the latter. His jump is faster than guard's, standing at 6'10-6'11

Strongest Player: Patric Young
When it comes to Young, brick house is a definition.

Fastest Player: Lorenzo Brown/ Willie Cauley Stein
There is no one who can match Zo's explosiveness with length to gun it up the court. A big would be Willie Cauley Stein, 'the 7 ft wide receiver'.

Least Athletic: Doug Mcdermott
I'm sure there are players less athletic, but not any 1st rounders.

Longest Player: Rudy Gobert
Record-breaking 7'9 wingspan.

Best Shooter: CJ McCollum
3 3FG makes with only 5 attempts. Off the dribble, catch and shoot, off the post... he got it.

Best Ball Handler: Trey Burke
Got the ball on a string. His combination of handles in the break, iso situations, and the P&R put him at the top of the list.

Best Passer: Michael Carter Williams
His length combined with court vision and handles make a case for him. I have no problem having Trey Burke as the best passer in the nation.

Best Defender: Jeff Withey/ Victor Oladipo
Jeff Withey's blocking is very impressive, Oladipo has been straight shutting down wing players.

Best Post Skills: Kelly Olynik/ Dpug Mcdermott
A big you can actually run your offense thru the post. Mcdermott is ultra skilled in the block as well.

Best Competitor: Aaron Craft
Only if every player had Craft's willingness to win and mentality.

Most Versatile: Victor Oladipo
Why not the most versatile defender? He will guard any wing position and do it effectively.

Highest Risk: Rudy Gobert
Very little offensive game. Good length and mobility but very not very explosive nor agile. Questionable frame.

Lowest Risk: Cody Zeller
I see no scenario where this kid is not at least a decent back up.

1st Round Sleeper: Kentavious Caldwell Pope
I've spoken my mind on him to many times. Funny enough, in last year's original article, Terrence Ross occupied this spot.

2nd Round Sleeper: CJ Leslie
There are other second rounders in the site mock that are more under rated, but as far as generally underrated, CJ Leslie comes to mind. Skilled, versatile athlete who's game can blossom if he gained a couple extra pounds.

Free Agent Gem: Richard Howell
Rebounding, hard worker, hustle, glue guy, who can find a role in a team.

... To Be Continued...

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Who's a better perimeter

Who's a better perimeter defender, Oladipo or Aaron Craft?

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i have been going back and

i have been going back and forth in my head on this one all year. they are equal but oladipo is the better player.

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